Everyone knows by now that every girl loves diamonds. As a matter of fact, those diamonds become even more important to her when they are engraved in her engagement ring. Every girl has dreamed of getting proposed with a perfect wedding ring that fits her perfectly and that she can flaunt in front of her friends and family. There may be multiple designs and types in the market available. Still, if you want to step up your proposal game and want to really impress your beloved, then it is far better to customize the ring rather than directly picking one from the jewellery store. Customization gives a lot of benefits as you can choose the ideal ring with your beau’s favourite stone in it and your favourite shape. Moreover, you can make the ring according to your girlfriend’s finger size, which is the best advantage of customization. So, if you are finding “the perfect ring” to propose, then you are at the right place. This article will guide you towards customizing the ring step by step. Keep reading

Step 1. Measure the size of your girlfriend’s ring finger

Okay! This might sound weird to you, but the foremost step is to measure your beloved’s ring finger. You need to take an exact estimation. We know it will be weird for you to do. So you can either take one of her’s favourite rings with you to check the size or ask any of her closest friends to ask her about the size indirectly. Either way, you need to have the proper measurement. After getting the right size, let’s move to step 2.

Step 2. Select her favourite diamond

There are different types of diamonds in the market. Types here mean different types of diamond cuts like round, oval, princess cut, emerald cut, pear diamond, etc. It might have happened that your girlfriend told you about her favourite diamond, or she must have mentioned that to her close friends. You can ask her friends or look into what kind of diamonds she likes to wear at special events. If you still can’t get a good idea, then you can pick one of your choices that your girlfriend would also love. To select the diamond cut, you don’t need to be an expert. You can see the images in catalogues of different jewellery magazines or on the internet. You can even visit a jewellery store to get a suggestion. 

Step 3. Choose a jewellery store

You might know many jewellers or might know many ring stores. But if you search for customization, you must hunt for ring customization stores. To search the stores, you can take help from your friends, relatives, or any known person who has already personalized a ring, or you can search on the web. After selecting one particular store, you can then tell the store manager or ask the jewellery designer about the specifications you want. Like you can get your anniversary date engraved on the ring or your couple’s name. Nowadays, you can even engrave your initials on the rings as well. 

Step 4. Negotiate a price

It is known that diamonds are quite expensive, and you can’t bargain a lot about them. But at least you can negotiate a fair price with the jeweller and ask for a little discount on the customization charges.