Free Roam VR is the latest installment of the wildly popular free roam VR gaming series. The game has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to bring you the best of VR travel experiences. You will be transported to a new world of adventure, where your only limits are your imagination and your courage. Followers of free roaming VR will know what we’re talking about once they see the trailers, read the blurb and start prepping for their first Free Roam VR session https://www.zerolatencyvr.ae/.

Retrieve Important Data

The story begins in 20th century Japan, where the resource shortage caused by a worldwide war makes everyone think that they are stuck underground. One boy named Haruo finds himself alone and awakens the hidden facility known as the Facility. He’s there to investigate strange happenings there and to retrieve some important data he needs for his research. However, things get even more out of hand when strange energy spheres start floating across the facility and force Haruo to fight his way through all kinds of strange rooms and corridors.

Free Roam VR

Free Roam VR has been developed by Surviving VR, an independent game developer. Surviving VR has received many awards including the “Best New VR Game” at the prestigious Game Awards. You can clearly see the influence of this game on the development of Ready vr, which is currently in development for Gear VR. You will feel the difference between the original and the improved free roam system. VR Boost is another vital component of the Free Roam VR experience and brings the entire game to life in true 3D.

Strange World

One of the best things about Free Roam VR is the excellent choice of scenery. The base map gives you a glimpse of the strange world beyond the Facility. On the top of the map there is a large lake that is home to a tribe of aquatic creatures. If you are brave enough (and dare to be alone) you can climb up a waterfall and get a panoramic view of the whole area. In case you have never played a VR game before, you will probably get lost at some point.

Play Alone

As mentioned earlier, Free Roam VR gives you the option to play alone or with another player. The game can be played in two modes, co-op and head to head. When playing head to head, you are forced to work as a team. A good idea would be to familiarize yourself with the other players so you know your role and do not get ambushed!

VR Experience

For those of you who want more excitement, you can opt to team up and try the co-op Free Roam VR experience. Here, you will be grouped together with several other Free Roam VR players and you will have to help each other shoot enemies and progress towards the goal. The difficulty increases quickly, so you need to be well prepared and ready for some real challenges! This is also the mode of choice for people who have been playing for a while and already have quite a lot of experience.

Free Roam VR Tip

One Free Roam VR tip is to look for hints and tips within the free demo. Many of these hints are located within the course guides and videos which can be found in the Free Roam VR site. These guides can help you improve your performance and in many cases improve your shooting skills. You can even gain some new friends who can give you the help you need.

Installing Game On PC

The fact that Free Roam VR is completely free means you don’t have to worry about wasting any money. That’s why it’s perfect for all ages and everyone who have a PC with an Internet connection. If you want to try the free roam then you can simply download the demo and install it onto your computer. You will be able to enjoy the exciting game for as long as you like!

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