Vancouver is a place that holds its charm of comprising high-rise mountains, swift-flowing rivers, vast islands, and some amazing scenic beauty all at once. Be it the hilly mountains, the rapidly flowing rivers, or even the ancient historical buildings, the city has a panoramic view of every possible natural landscape. Still, not many people know about its beauty and wonder, and this place is less approached by humans. Planning a trip to this majestic city from India is not difficult these days as there are multiple airlines available from DEL to YVR. 

There are a few direct flights to Vancouver, while you can also have layovers if you wish to. Overall, the journey is not too hard to handle, and your destination will surely prove that your effort was worth it in every way.

Foreign tours may seem a little over the budget sometimes. Vancouver is also expensive, but it also has lots of free places for tourists. The overall scenic beauty of the place is what catches the most attention. Then comes a lot of parks, gardens, and waterfalls that are absolutely free and beautiful at the same time. 

If we observe closely enough, we will find that this city holds a plethora of budget-friendly charms that are beautiful in every sense of the word. Thus, we can easily find out the major places in the city where we can pay free visits. These include the following:

  • Visit the gardens: The gardens like Stanley gardens and Chinese gardens in Vancouver are beautiful in their own way. You can have a short trip to these places as and when you like. It will have scenic beauty with a public ambiance. Evening walks through these gardens will calm your nerves and soothe your soul.
  • Trip to the Beaches: The beaches are accessible for everybody. English Bay beach, Jericho beach, Locarno beach, and Second beach are some of the mesmerizing beaches in the city. Visit them, have fun, and refresh yourself in these places.
  • Stanley park tour: This requires special mention as it has lots of beautiful places to visit which are absolutely free. These include:
  • Watching birds at Lost Lagoon
  • Visiting Lions Gate Bridge
  • Biking in and around the Sea wall
  • Visiting the famous Siwash rock structure
  • Visiting Brockton Point Lighthouse 
  • Visit ancient and famous cities: This is surely free until and unless you wish to visit certain favorite places within the town. However, having a long walk and exploring cities like Burnaby, Victoria, and Surrey. This will give you ample opportunities to develop your thoughts about the places in general. You will surely travel from DEL to YVR, but you will still have the essence of tradition burning within you as you see the rich cultural heritage in these cities carefully kept intact.
  • Visit the North Shore mountains: Hilly areas always attract most tourists because of their scenic beauty and the climate, flora, and fauna. The North Shore mountains in Vancouver are a significant tourist spot that is relatively free. Only if you want to perform mountain climbing or such activities will you have to pay. The southernmost peaks of this mountain are visible from almost every part of the city. It consists of valleys like the Lynn valley and the Capilano river valley. The neighboring town abruptly ends at the foot of the hills, and the rugged slope begins. It is a beautiful place to visit, and the sunrise and sunset both look amazing from here.
  • Visit Granville: Here, the island and street entertainment are cheaper than most other places. You can have food from local public stalls and enjoy the street entertainment in the evening. This includes music, dance, and various stunts. You can also visit the Pacific Centre mall here.
  • Lynn Suspension Bridge: This bridge is 160 feet high and offers a floating experience high above the ground. Here, Lynn Canyon Park is also free, and you can wander around it and explore its vast, spacious presence.
  • Gastown Steam Clock: This iconic figure has attracted tourists all around the year for a long time. The clock whistles and steams after every 15 minutes. This is an amazing thing to watch. Also, Gastown has some beautiful architecture resembling the culture of the old ages. These give an idea about the social and economic life of early Canadians. 
  • Hastings racecourse: If you are a sports freak and love animals, this is the right place for you. You can watch hundreds of horses race here all at the same time. Their view is so mesmerizing, and it is a delight to watch them become so competitive. It is free to enter here, and it is located beside Vancouver Coliseum.

Other places to visit here for free include Canada Place, Lonsdale Quay market, Lighthouse Park, Capilano lake, Richmond night market, and various others. 


Thus, we can see that there are a variety of places in Vancouver that can be visited for free. You can easily have a wonderful trip through this majestic city. Though not fully free, the city offers ample opportunities for you to have a budget-friendly tour. You will have to choose your stay wisely. It should be cheap as well as its location should allow you to explore Vancouver in its whole essence. Also, you first need to ensure that your flights are not too costly, and you can have a smooth trip altogether. 

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