Refrigeration is one among the conveniences of the trendy home. It shapes the way we buy, cook, and eat food. Nowadays, you’ll shop once every week at your local grocery, knowing that you simply can store food safely all week long. Because it’s such a convenience, we tend to overlook it, and when problems arise with our fridge, we are often surprised at how quickly food and drink can spoil. If you notice that your food is frozen or your drinks are warm, you will have a thermostat problem. No must worry, though. For fridge repair in Kolkata and Pune, call All Electric Care today!

Your thermostat communicates a collection point to the remainder of the inner components of your fridge, and your fridge adjusts its workload accordingly. If it’s faulty, however, then you thermostat may send the incorrect message or no message the least bit. Here are some common fridge thermostat problems to appear out for:

Frozen food

  • Leave freezing to your freezer. If your food begins to freeze within your fridge compartment, and you’ve already tried adjusting your thermostat to the correct temperature, then your thermostat may well be faulty. While it should be possible to regulate the temperature by turning it up, this merely sidesteps the problem and doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

Warm food

  • While this is often not necessarily a health concern with vegetables, warm temperatures can spoil meat, fish, and dairy products quickly. This could end in a big portion of your home food budget being thrown away. While this will even be a door sealing issue, or a case of blocked airflow at the rear of the fridge, warm food is commonly the results of a malfunctioning thermostat.

These are the 2 basic problems that occur with thermostat problems, but it’s important to be alert to your home appliances, especially the fridge, which you depend on 24 hours every day for cold storage. While there’s some basic troubleshooting every homeowner can do, thermostat replacement should be meted out by a licensed professional. We work on every type and makes of fridges. For fridge repair in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and etc, call All Electric Care today!

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