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With the automotive industry now dominated by electric and hybrid cars, it might seem that the electronics industry has a monopoly on mobility. After all, many of these new cars are connected to the internet and are able to stream music or provide directions with the help of their makers’ apps.

Electronics is not just about smartphones either; cars, home security systems, and even clothing are now built using electronic components. That being said, there is still an abundance of opportunities for innovators in other industries who can show they have a knack for expanding their customer base beyond their core markets.

In order to do this, it’s important to understand what niche you’re targeting so you can figure out how best to differentiate your service from your competitors. Read on to learn more about how other industries have diversified and how you can do the same if your focus is no longer confined to your roots.

Food and Beverages

As one of the main segments of Basic Industries. the food and beverage industry can be a great way to expand your business. If you think about diversifying your business or even starting your career in the basic industries sector, opportunities are endless in this sector. It ranges from the production of bread, dairy, and cheese to the manufacturing of edible substances for use in various foods.

Additionally, many restaurants now offer delivery services that allow customers to order their favorite dishes from their smartphones or other devices. For example, Applebee has streamlined its operation by offering an app that allows customers to place orders from their homes or offices rather than visiting one of their restaurants.

The key to success in this sector is to identify the type of customer you want to serve and find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is important because if you cannot do it, your business will not last long against those who focus on niche markets and are able to provide personalized service.

Batteries and Solar Energy

The automotive industry has been the largest growth area for batteries since 2010. The technology is becoming more popular in other industries too, as it can improve delivery times and reduce energy consumption.

Solar energy has long been a popular alternative to traditional resources, but it has also grown in popularity with the increase in the uptake of electric vehicles, like the well-known Tesla. As an industry that requires a lot of power, solar energy can also help cut down on some of the environmental costs associated with traditional methods.

Battery technologies have gradually improved over time. However, there are still many opportunities for innovations that can make battery life even longer than it already is. By taking this into consideration before you start your business, you will have a better chance of succeeding than someone who jumps into the industry without thinking about how best to implement their innovation.


The automotive industry is one with a rich history. It’s no surprise that it’s now dominated by electric and hybrid cars. The industry has had to change in order to survive, but it’s still going strong. When the automobile first came out, most people would own only one car.

But as people became wealthier, they began purchasing more than one. And with the invention of the smartphone, people found that they could use their vehicle for much more than just driving: think of all of the apps that can be used for navigation or music streaming.

Nowadays, people are flocking to these new technologies and cutting down on their reliance on cars with internal combustion engines (ICEs), opting instead for cars with electric or hybrid powertrains.

Home Security and Lighting

If you’re looking to expand your market beyond your core, consider home security and lighting. Both industries have seen a huge uptick in sales in recent years as consumers have shifted their focus from traditional security systems to more convenient smart home devices. This is large because these devices are not just limited to the home.

If you want to get into this industry, you might want to consider adding new services such as doorbells, intercoms, and more that can be used outside of the home.

Clothing and Footwear

As a basic industry focused on the core needs of humans, clothing and footwear have not yet been targeted by digital marketing in the same way that automobiles have. But this is changing, with more brands selling online and using digital channels to reach their audiences.

If you’re wondering how to enter the market, there are many ways to do so. If your business sells unique or high-quality apparel that is hard to find in another country, for example, you might be able to target international consumers who can’t find it elsewhere.

Convenience Goods

The convenience goods industry is composed of items that are meant to make life easier. Companies in this industry include companies like Amazon, which offers online shopping at a wide variety of locations, and Walmart, which offers products like groceries and clothing.

A company in the convenience goods industry should consider adding more services or expanding its product line. Although these companies may be only one part of an overall company, they can still offer consumers a broader range of products and services than any other single part of the company.

For example, Amazon hosts third-party sellers in addition to their own products. This allows them to expand their product line while still remaining competitive with other major players.


Diversification is one of the most important factors to consider in the current market climate. While some industries have failed to diversify, others have seen great success. The automobile industry is one of the most popular examples of a sector that has seen a dramatic transformation.

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