Future of Online Business How Ecommerce will change in 2022


The number of global internet users is rising with them spending an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes a day on the internet. The rise of social media and eCommerce means that the brands have to now be present where the customers are.

This is why, these days, brands are focusing on social media platforms more than anything else. This industry is not only thriving but it is also ever changing with trends coming and going every other day. This is why brands also need to focus on moment marketing.

Internet users love social media and the trends that are flowing and when they see your brand taking part in it, they are not only able to relate with it, they actually feel more connected to your brand.

3 million potential buyers are estimated to have access to the internet in 2022. These people will amount to over 20 percent of total retail sales in 2022. This means a lot of opportunity for the existing brands as well as new brands to reach out to their audience through the power of social media.

The future of eCommerce is in social media and moment marketing as currently, that is the “it” thing. Users prefer to have personalized, extraordinary experiences while also having these brands connect with them on a personal level through the different social media platforms that they are using.

Due to the pandemic, social media usage has already reached its peak. Everyone has started using Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter and Reddit. Users expect the brands to join the trends on social media for entertainment purposes as well as to feel like the brand understands the things that they enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

What do you mean by Social Commerce?

Ecommerce + social media = Social Commerce. This is, if we put it in laymen terms, when social media is used by brands to reach out to customers or when customers get to know about brands through the power of social media.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are some of those platforms allowing the users to buy products while scrolling. This process is quite quick and easy and also gives encouragement to impulse purchases.

Future of eCommerce

The future of eCommerce is social commerce. Ads run better on social media platforms. Customers make a lot of impulse purchases when they are scrolling through posts or swiping on stories and come across ads of products.

Social Commerce is necessary for your business. Social shopping is a huge potential for retail ecommerce businesses considering how millennials and gen Xers have a high level of impulse buying tendency. This purchasing behavior can be leveraged by making the purchasing experience as seamless as possible.

Having an enhanced social media presence can help you create brand awareness. Instead of having siloed, basic social media profiles, making your profiles as is expected by your target audience, taking part in trends that they love, making it relatable, gives you the chances to increase your footfalls.

One of the emerging ways of enhancing your brand awareness strategies is influencer marketing. This is a very new technique and apparently quite an effective one as well. Influencers have the power to make or break the names of the brands as they are trendsetters.

Why is this new concept emerging a lot?

Apparently, customers now shop where they spend most of their time online. Thus, the birth and rise of Social Commerce. They are spending most of their time on social media so they are also purchasing from social media only.

Through social media, brands can mix retail with entertainment, something that the customers are badly looking for. By creating fun and interactive content with the help of influencers or actually creating your own content on social media will help you sell your products more than the traditional and conventional marketing strategies.

Brands can even engage with their audience in real-time, answer customer questions, host launches over social media, and by taking part in the latest trends, build a camaraderie with their customers.

To be future ready for such challenges and building an omni-channel approach, Sitecore and Sitecore support services are exceptional solutions.

You can do marketing automation; you can connect your websites or platforms with social media to have centralized control and operations over your business.

Social commerce is the future of ecommerce businesses in 2022. Especially when your audience is hanging out on Instagram and TikTok, it makes much more sense for brands to also hang out with the audience on these social media platforms rather than waiting around for users to show up on their website.

Through this, brands can have a higher engagement rate, increasing revenues and profits, and no doubts, and increased number of customers (not only happy customers but loyal customers.)

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