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Do you need an animation video for your company but don’t know where to start? In this guide we show you step by step how we create a professional animation video that will help you promote your brand.

Steps to create an animation video

Currently, it is a reality that users pay more attention to images and videos than to words (although everything is important). So if you want to advertise a product or a Serbian, you should dare with a professional video animation to make your audience fall in love.

Script writing

The first step is indisputable: writing the script. You will have to write everything you want to happen during the video and in text, to later be narrated by the voice-over. Let’s say it is the basis of the entire video design and creation process; so you will have to define the style of language and narration.

If you do not know where to start, we write and adapt the script to the length of the video and give it the meaning with the right words to capture the attention of your clients.

Creation of technical script

If you have little knowledge in the audiovisual sector, it is normal that you wonder about the differences between script writing and technical script creation. Well, it is a schematic document in which you have to break down the text of the script and the ideas about the visual elements, dividing it into numbered scenes.

An example of this would be: “scene 3 – yellow background – a character appears walking and suddenly slips”. As you can see, it is not only about clarifying where each part of the script goes, but also the visual elements that accompany the animation video.

Character sketch

The next step is to prepare a sketch of the main character of the video, that is, the protagonist, the personality of the character, the appearance, etc. Everything you need to fully define it to fit the story you want to tell. In our case, we always send the customer at least two style options.

Storyboard Design

The next thing is to design the storyboard. But… what is a storyboard? It is translated as “storyboard” and consists of a sequence of images or illustrations that serve as a guide to the plot of a story, in order to preview, in some way, the result of the animation video.

So at this point we have to collect the images from all the scenes. It is very important, as it is one of the crucial parts of audiovisual production.

Search, selection and purchase of music

Continuing with the creation of the animation video, the next point goes through the search and selection of the music that will accompany it. It can be royalty-free or purchased music. We choose to send the client different options, so that they can choose based on their needs, tastes or intention since each type of music transmits a feeling and puts us in a different situation.

It is important to think about what our potential must feel when listening to the music we have chosen.

Voice-over commission to professional speaker

This point is very close to the previous one. The voice-over of the professional announcer must convey exactly the feeling that we want to awaken in our client: seriousness, security, fun, complicity, enthusiasm … this step is one of the most important during the process of creating an animation video for the companies, since it says a lot about the professionalism of the video and the intention to be reflected.

We always select different options, with various tones of voice, so that the client can choose what best suits the company. In addition, we work in any language in the world. There are no barriers in that regard.

Audio editing

For the sound to be perfect, the next point is to equalize the voice and trim the purchased music, in order to adapt it to the desired duration and also, choose the best part, or at least the one that the customer chooses.

Likewise, we also compose the audio track, using the voice-over and the music chosen for the animation video.

Video animation in After Effects

To give a touch to the most professional, original, fun and dynamic video, we do not hesitate to include effects that make a difference and engage the user. For this we use a powerful tool such as After Effects. It helps us create video effects, moving transitions, animated graphics, and animated effects for movies, TV spots, videos, and even the web.

Video rendering, conversion and delivery

The last step in the process of creating an animation video for companies is the rendering, conversion and delivery of the finished video to the client.

Once the video is perfectly edited and converted to the desired extensions, it will be delivered to the client so that they can put it on the company’s website, post it on the YouTube channel, distribute it through social networks or send it to the media.

Finally, it will be the users who view the video and generate the expected results: they will learn about your services, the launch of a product, the promotion of a new service, the next event that your company holds … ultimately they will know the brand, act accordingly and They will spread the news.

Now you know how we create a professional animation video and the potential it represents for your company.

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