Get 250,000 Real Facebook Followers In Under A Month


Okay, before we start, I need to distinguish between bought and true followers on Facebook. You can do any type of Google search and discover countless websites to get your robot and junk mail account followers moving and favoring your Facebook page in a few hours. And if you do, you’ll ruin your Facebook website. You see, Facebook has a set of rules that pop up for this kind of activity. And if they think your site needs a quick fix, they can penalize you. In the future, your natural access may be compromised and your website will never have the capacity it could have had you built it the exact way.

While we’re talking about true followers, that doesn’t mean you didn’t pay for it. Instead, you pay Facebook. Because Facebook has become a pay-to-play community for businesses. All you have to do is make sure you pay them and now no one else. And once I say you decide to buy them, I suggest you spend money promoting dollars to subscribe to them.

Okay, so is it possible to keep 1/4 of a million people off your in less than a month? Yes. It’s obviously pretty smooth while sticking to a hard and fast plan. I’ve done it myself several times for sites my company owns and operates. You need money and time for this. While waiting to do it for free miles is possible, miles are ridiculous that you can do it within the allotted time.

A quick observation before we start. There is an option to increase your page likes on Facebook so that people start liking and viewing your page. You can get people to love your site for an average of 50 cents to five dollars per follower. That is not always this strategy. Instead, we’re targeting a new follower fee that’s well below five cents.

First Step

You must first identify a target market that is associated with significant diversity. By that I mean you have to choose who can be excited about your Facebook page. And you have to make sure there are enough of them to guarantee a wide variety of 250,000 followers. So if you’re creating a Dog Owners Facebook page, select Dog Owners. Now stop picking hairless Chihuahua owners who live in Arizona. This 2D target market is a bit too small and you certainly won’t favor your favorite followers.

Once you’ve diagnosed them, you’ll need to create a saved target market for that group within the Facebook advertising platform. I suggest growing half a dozen variations on the target market and targeting them using exclusive methods. For example, you can choose those who like sites about dogs. You can also target the ones that match other famous dog sites. There are even methods to target people primarily based on their shopping habits. So create some exclusive methods that you will use to target dog owners (again, the target market we use as an example).

Second Step

They do this procedure every single day for a whole month. At around 2 weeks, you should now start boosting your site, as I mentioned above. If you have an incredible following and compelling content, you should now be able to get your paid followers under 20 cents if you focus well on your target market. If you can’t, don’t turn on this marketing campaign. It’s not really worth it now.

And so they reached more than 250,000 followers in less than a month. As I mentioned before, some cases have been completed for me and my team. It will take several paintings and your finances will probably be between $5,000 and $10,000 in paid marketing and marketing with Facebook.

And if you’re wondering if it’s really worth it. The answer is a strong yes. If I really wanted to improve a message for a target market on Facebook, I could reach 1,000 people for every $5 to $20 I would spend. With a target market of 250,000, my combined offer reaches over 150,000 per offer. If I draft four to ten copies a day, I could catch up on my fees in a few weeks.

Third Step

Now you need to start growing your Facebook followers. People may have liked and viewed your website mainly because of some of your promotions. But the fastest way to get new followers is to read the posts that got comments, click on the people who commented, and now you can invite people to “like” your page for free. The number of people you can invite per day is limited and mainly differs per account.

I would recommend bringing in some administrators for your site that will help you increase the number of invitations you can send. For example, when I first started out, I uploaded my wife’s Facebook account to my pages as an admin, then let her set restrictions on Tires UAE every day and invite her when I’m done. If you have colleagues, friends, or family, I recommend you use those.

This way you can benefit hundreds of followers at an extremely cheap price because for pennies if not more you could get them to comment on your page and you can invite them for free. You’ve cut your price significantly for next to nothing for a brand new trailer.

Fourth Step

You now need to boost every single unmarried lineup you post. I recommend using a hard and quick small amount that is consistent with the presentation. Usually, this is $5 to $10. And you only need to reinforce them for one day.

Like a little cheat sheet, photos get maximum attention in the form of comments (like, sweet, smile), shares, and comments. Videos get a lot of views but fewer actions. Updates are 1/3 at your fingertips, and hyperlink stocks are useless if they stay in the crowd of people you could get for the same money. So I was able to slowly put the maximum of it in photo posts at first.

Fifth Step

You now need to figure out what makes your target market attractive. Visit pages that interact with your audience and see the posts they enable. Find out which of them gets the most likes and shares. Then create a booking calendar on your website and mimic the messages. For example, if you find people interacting with cute photos of dogs too often (which they do), you should post as many of these posts as you can. You can interact with educational tips (which they do), so you should paint posts on that topic as well.

You should normally submit a minimum of four to six times a day. And spend a few days populating your page with posts before starting any kind of promotion. This makes the website look like it’s been there for a while. You run a higher risk of people following your site if they see a short history.

Sixth Step

The reason you grow with each submission is that you look for the outliers in terms of payback in line with engagement. Some posts can cost 10 cents depending on the level of engagement, others can cost over $1 depending on the level of engagement (a terrible submission if that’s the case). But there are a lucky few who can make commitments for less than a dime, and some for much less than a dime. These are the ones you are looking for. Search the data, find the posts that performed exceptionally well with the Engagement Foundation payback, then go back to the posts and improve them with more budget.

You can spend as much money as you want, but expect returns to fall. They begin to include additional awards over the years depending on their level of dedication. And it depends on how much raise each launch can handle. I’ve had news that I’ve spent tons of dollars on and I’ve had others lose their potency after $50.

By Alex Mike

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