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Candles are high-end and widely used products across the whole world. The business owners must box these items in high-quality candle boxes to carve out their own identity in the market. The quality of the boxes makes the customers believe that the packaged items are no short of innovation. The perfect boxes provide all-out protection, attract customers, offer sustainability, and support brand values. It is, for this reason, you need to consider numerous criteria when you are developing an ideal packaging solution. 

Apposite material selection

Among a vast range of materials, it is pertinent to select the ones that are compatible with the nature of items meant for packing. They must provide the needed protection by keeping all the externalities at bay. The trade in this era has become much more diverse and products are shipped to long-off distances. It arises the need for packaging materials that can resist the effects such as bumps, jolts, and shocks. The climatic conditions could prove catastrophic too as there may be product damage occurring from moisture, humidity, and temperature. The resistance against all these damages is provided by the premium cardboard material. So, the first-ever step is to manufacture your custom boxes with this material. Putting the protection feature aside, cardboard provides excellent printing results as well. It is compatible with printing any anticipated design with the printing method of your choice. 

Suitable size

As every single product has its own dimensions, the cardboard candle boxes need to be made in the right sizes that fit precisely. Going standard is an option, but it has an impact on product safety, budget, and overall waste generation. The standard boxes may be large as compared to the candles being packed in them. You will need to slot in extra cushioning materials inside the packages to meet protection criteria that will take a lot of money to invest. The extra materials used in the manufacturing of these packages will prove dangerous for sustainable business strategies as well. 

Get rid of the standard option and design cardboard boxes in a particular size that matches the dimensions of candles. A general rule to follow here is to leave one-inch space between the items and the dimensions of the boxes. That space could be filled with cost-effective bubble wraps that provide cushioning against physical impacts. 

Attractive style

Once you are done with the packaging material and size selection, the next step is to opt for an attractive box style. Retail businesses operate on the primary principle of capturing the heed of customers. If this principle is not being followed, the growth of the business suffers. The attraction factor can be brought upon by the addition of die-cut windows on the front-facing side of the custom packaging

The standing point of these windows is that they are translucent and offer a preview of the packaged candles. The customers no more have to struggle to get an idea of the quality of the items they are buying. The shelf life of the candles increases by a great deal as well that further add to the customers’ experiences. Another box-style idea is to make shelves in the structure of packaging. Such a design is perfect for hooking the attention of customers when displayed on the counters. 

High-quality printing

Other than the box style, the fundamental particular that sets your custom candle boxes apart is the brand detailing. Such information helps the customers to get familiarize with the brand they are buying from. In addition, it helps in creating more brand awareness and earns yourself a customer base that stays loyal forever. So, you need to make use of customizable printing to incorporate all these minute details on the packages. The target audience could also be provided with knowledge about candles. Get your hands on digital printing that provides greater color accuracy and high-definition prints. Or, you can for the flexographic printing that supports all color designs with four different elementary colors. The silkscreen and offset printing techniques could also be utilized depending on the print volume and desired aesthetic results. The printed candle boxes inform and attract clients with enhanced visual appeal. 

Laminations and coatings

There are numerous types of laminations and coatings that could be selected for the printed candle boxes. The basic idea is to increase their quality and make them look premium. Gloss laminations are good for producing an instant sheen and luring the people in the very first instance. Matte lamination, however, brings all the focus to one important part of the boxes. The coatings can introduce a newer dimension of a tactile feel to the packages. Soft-touch coats are prime choices of manufacturers to add to the haptic appeal of the packages. The laminates and coats should be selected after knowing what kind of effect you want and what your target audience is. 

Candle boxes could work in the favor of your business, considering if they are designed appropriately. The best approach is to manufacture them from quality materials and modify their design to provide an innovational look. The premium printing and right type of finishing bring an aesthetic appeal that lunges people to take notice of your items. 

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