Lead generation task in today’s era might be challenging for most of the users who are a novice in their businesses. You can get your leads through email by taking the assistance of the most superior extension in today’s time called SugarCRM Email to Lead. This is one of the stellar plugin of today’s time that can be suitable for every type of business because your motive is to get connected with your lead and make then your paying customers forever. Only this is the feature of this plugin to support you in business? Not at all as the plugin called Email to Lead has a toolbox with great advantages to tailor your needs. Let’s dive into the pool to find out the features that how it can help you-

  • If your first objective is to create the records then shake hands with us as Outright Store is offering the best plugin for you which can create records and the process goes automatically. Here if you want to create the records then it can be done via inbound email for you. Sounds great!
  • Want to know more about the records? Let us inform you one more thing that you can create the records in any target module. This is quite easy for you now to complete the task.
  • What about the mapping fields Does it possible when putting hands on the addon called SugarCRM Email to Lead? Here the good news is mapping of field is possible for you all users as you can watch out that users can easily be selected without any hurdle.
  • Email to lead addon is well-known for assigning the records automatically as every business must pay attention to this feature that you can assign the records to your team and the whole process of this goes automatically.
  • You want duplicate email should be skipped so that your countless hours will be saved then it can happen. When you use this plugin or your business, you will see that it skips the duplicate email and not creating any records of that.

Above we expound regarding the Email process plugin but suppose if you want to share the camping to your customers or prospects then what will you do? Forget the CRM campaign because it can waste your precious time as we have the superior extension to enhance your experience and the plugin is called as SuiteCRM Mailchimp integration.

We tried to ease your efforts by saving time on SuiteCRM and Mailchimp software as we combined their functionality and present this extension for your campaign work activity to get more leads for your business. Isn’t it a great tool for your business growth and enhancement? We must say that when you plunge into the features of it, you will it a most amazing and worth addon for your work activity. Features of SuiteCRM Mailchimp integration are

  • The plugin uses the Mailchimp power and features for your SuiteCRM campaign to complete the process with the utmost ease.
  • It syncs real-time information on both platforms called Mailchimp and SuiteCRM as you will never find that one platform is updated and the second one is still older.
  • Want to check that email disposition? Many times customers want to see the email disposition so that will not be a daunting task for you all and you can see that perfectly.
  • The extension save your high-efforts as you don’t need to update both the platform one by one.
  • There is an option of opt-out for you all which you can strive when using this Mailchimp integration plugin as we know today most of the customers need this feature to stop getting the messages from the third-party.

Eventually, just want to highlight that today we informed you a plugin that is best to parse lead and one more addon which can help you to send the campaign activity to that lead. Both the extensions are remarkable for a business that never halts your work activity for sure. To understand in-depth, we have put a spotlight on the functions of both which can set your mind that whether the plugin is totally worth it or not. Choose which is best for your organization.

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