More Wife and khula Process in Pakistan:

 For information regarding more wives and khula process in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore. However, if the possibility of not being able to do justice is very great then though by itself it is allowed and approved, yet in the particular case, it is disallowed before khula process in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore.

The evidence lies in this verse:

  And if you fear that you will not maintain equity then (keep to) one woman. he fears that he will not be able to give his wife’s right either personal or properly then certainly he is not allowed, two wives. (Ibid P-30)  WHEN WOMEN WOULD BE UNFAIR  If there is no fear that the husband would be unjust but women might not be fair and co-operative then though there is no prohibition from Shari’ah, yet in the light of its rules the suggestion would be for just one wife.

In Islamic Point of View:

This would be a Shariah suggestion in the same way as the Prophet had suggested Sayyidina Jafar “Did you not find a virgin that you would have enjoyed one another. ONLY IN THE LOVE OF LUXURY, Some people do not need more than one wife, yet have several wives without khula process in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore. They cannot then show justice. When it is certain that a man will not show justice then he must not have more than one wife. It is wajib to keep away from the excess number. SECOND WIFE NOT ADVISED IF NOT NECESSARY even if he can dispense justice, he will surely call upon himself worry. If that increases then he might not do justice to his religious obligations or his health. It is necessary to save him from that. Also, it is foolish to invite worry unnecessarily. (ibid V2 P-23)  SECTION THREE


If a man does not wield authority over anyone or gives it up by khula process in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore. He does not have to use this trait. Besides, he will find it easier to wield only one authority nothing will hinder him. In contrast, he who wields authority over in any finds it very difficult to do justice especially if they also do not agree among themselves. Getting them to go along is not easier than putting fire and water together. It needs the extra presence of mind and intelligence. He cannot ever resign because that will call’ for divorce which shariah dislikes.

 There is no regular time for management here but is a continuous duty. Just as Hadith has cautioned against taking an office of authority, so too the caution applies here, hence, it is not wise to dare so seek this authority.  (Islah Inqilab pp-90-97)  MY EXPERIENCE the rights of several wives are so delicate that not all can comprehend them, nor be fair to the wives without khula process in Pakistan through divorce lawyer in Lahore. Besides, the rulings of the jurists in this regard are very difficult to abide by. For instance, they say that if a man goes to one wife after Maghrib and to the other after Isha (in their days) then this is unjust. 

Money in wedding and khula in Pakistan:

Jamila Law Associates is the best legal firm for khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan. There is a custom at the time of departure of the bride from her parent’s home in which some money is thrown within the village of the girl for khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan. What I did was give out some to the poor and some to the mosques simply that people might not suspect me of avoiding custom because of stinginess. 

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 I was the guardian of the bridegroom in a wedding in which it was agreed a forehand that no customs will be observed. The marriage was concluded after the salah of Asr. Food was served after Maghrib. The Barber anticipated something but got nothing. Again, after the meals he waited in anticipation and, finally, he placed a dish before me and, sort of spreading the hem of his shirt, said tome, Mawlana! Let me have my right. “I asked him, “What right, legal or customary? Ask your master, why had he agreed to do away with every custom?” There was a Maulawi at the meal. He murmured. “This is no custom. Rather, a right against service and it is good to give the right of one who has served. “I responded in a loud voice, the right of service is given to one’s servants, not to servants of the community. If my barber serves me then he has a right to get something from me, but what right has another’s servant over me. The Mawlana’s eyes opened up regarding khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan.  A similar case cropped up in the morning concerning sweepers, No one dared ask me, but they channeled their request through one of my friends.

My reply was the same as the previous evenings regarding khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan, I added, “People should be ashamed to get their guests to pay their servants.”How shameless it is, but the observance of customs deprives people not only of their intelligence but also of their sense of modesty.

 The time of Departure Brought Another Question:

The bride’s family insisted that they would send their daughter in nothing but a palankeen. I said, “We do not want that. The marriage is already performed. We are going home. You bring the bride yourself behind us. “That brought them to their senses, and then they asked us to quarrel over the dowry. I said, “We do not take the dowry.”They raised the quarrel themselves and their women cursed us, but we were innocent. If a wrongdoer curses, the innocent suffers no damage for khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan.

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