Haldi ubtan with all its ingredients i.e. aloe vera gel,curd or yogurt, and turmeric removes acnes and black skin and makes the skin softer and brighter.


Gone are the days when a shining skin was just a lady’s first concern! Nowadays everybody wants smooth ,glowing and shining natural skin. Also, with every one of us immersed in chaotic timetables, unpredictable dietary patterns, insufficient rest, and contamination, accomplishing an impeccable and picture-awesome, gleaming skin has become troublesome if not an incomprehensible errand. 

While there are scores of skin and magnificence care items accessible on the lookout, nothing beats the integrity and healthiness of normal items. In this way, stroll into your kitchen today and make a portion of these convenient and simple to execute home cures that guarantee to give you sparkling skin!


    Favored against bacterial properties, Turmeric is one heavenly zest that won’t ever allow you to down. Turmeric is an amazing cancer prevention agent that helps in accomplishing that awesome sparkle. It has curcumin which is a calming specialist and assists with disposing of puffiness. In addition to the fact that it gives the skin a sparkle, yet turmeric likewise makes the skin restored and keeps dull skin under control.

Turmeric not just wipes out free extremists that harm the skin yet in addition improves collagen creation that helps keep the skin graceful and new. 

Method to Use Turmeric for your Skin 

Mix about a huge segment of a teaspoon of turmeric powder with some gram flour. Add enough milk/water and blend well to shape a smooth glue.you can add a rose water and mix once more. Apply this mask all over and neck and leave on till it dries. then , wash with normal water.

2) Yogurt 

Yogurt is rich in lactic corrosive which is useful for our skin. Yogurt saturates our skin and decreases wrinkles and barely recognizable differences. It additionally helps in decreasing tan and dark circles. It improves skin flexibility and keeps it gleaming. 

Method to Use Yogurt  for your Skin 

Use yogurt as you need to cover your face, somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 cup. You can use it directly to your face or mixed in two teaspoon of honey, turmeric for an added skin boost.

3) Honey

Honey is a lotion and helps to keep the skin well-hydrated. Nectar’s antibacterial properties help to avert contaminations and furthermore diminish skin inflammation at home. It is rich in fading properties and helps in blurring of pigmentation and scar.

Method to Use Honey for your Skin

You can straightforwardly apply nectar all over and neck zone however guarantee that your skin is perfect and soggy. Back rub for a couple of moments, permitting it to get consumed by the skin. Then , wash off with warm water.

4 ) Besan

Besan is the best one which is available in every kitchen and It has been in use for a long time.Besan hasn’t bombed when the longing of a better and shinier skin has come calling. Besan does something amazing by bringing to surface a better and more up to date skin. 

Method to Use Besan for your Skin 

Besan is used by mixing it in with water, milk, or some other Ingredients. It is applied like a pack on the skin. Once in a while, sugar is additionally added to help in peeling.

5 ) Papaya

This one accompanies a mystery marvel fixing – papain.This catalyst has skin helping properties and can help imperfections, and scars whenever applied to them. Papaya additionally goes about as a delicate exfoliator and helps in eliminating latent protein cells and dead skin cells. It gives awesome outcomes and keeps the skin looking youthful and solid with a lovely shine 

Method to Use Papaya for your Skin 

You can use papaya pulp directly on your face and neck area. Wait until it dries. then wash with water.

6 ) Banana

Bananas are incredible for our skin. They hydrate and saturate our skin. They additionally have ground-breaking against maturing impacts. They help forestall almost negligible differences and wrinkles. 

Bananas are extraordinary for treating skin inflammation and pimples. 

Method to Use Banana for your Skin 

mash a banana, apply on your skin and leave for 30 minutes. At that point wash with tepid water. 

Banana Peel helping our skin tone and removing dark circles. Delicately rub banana strips on your skin. Leave for 10 to 22 minutes and afterward wash with normal water. Wipe off.
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