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Domestic and Commercial Boilers:

Whether you need to organize a unique fix, or steady servicing our specialism in Domestic and Commercial Boilers means we have the practice and skill to get your heating fixed or repaired if you have gas supply in your home. Domestic level gas engineers do not have the knowledge or experience to safely do work on this type of boiler, but Hawk Heating Supplies does.

How to choose the right Domestic and Commercial Boilers for your premises?

With several dissimilar forms of Domestic and Commercial Boilers obtainable, it can be mystifying to decide which to select for your business and home. There are many problems that you should contemplate when choosing one of these appliances.

Here are some of the most imperative:

  • Size

As mentioned before, commercial and domestic boilers differ enormously in terms of size. So, when you’re considering your choices, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the heating and hot water supplies of your premises. For instance, how large is your house, how various radiators do you want to heat, and how many hot water passages do you have? Getting a boiler with a suitable output is life-threatening.

Don’t worry if you’re uncertain about your specific heating and hot water requirements. You can place a capable to come to your buildings and do a site inspection to guarantee your choice of a boiler that matches your technical necessities. 

  • Fuel type

You might also need to think wisely about the fuel type that your boiler will use. General choices comprise natural gas and fuel oil, also as electricity. Though, there are also other less renowned options.

A form of renewable diesel, it is gradually being used as a different from traditional heating oil. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly solution for your organization, HVO is worth bearing in mind. As well as being maintainable, it is efficient to use and offers a high level of presentation.

  • Energy efficiency

Heating and hot water might signify an important continuing cost for your organisation, so it pays to think sensibly about energy efficiency when you’re looking for Domestic and Commercial Boilers. The good news is, there’s no lack of highly efficient appliances to select from. Just make certain that you look sensibly into the efficiency info of different boilers before you make a final decision.

Domestic and Commercial Boilers

You need an appliance capable of meeting your heating and hot water needs, but you don’t want a system with too much redundant capacity as this could mean you end up paying more in fuel charges than you require to.

Support and maintenance

You no doubt need a heating and hot water system that you can depend on full-time, and this means having a good preservation and support contract in place with the boiler provider. So, when selecting an appliance, check the supplier’s preservation, support, and service policies.

For instance, if you come to Perfect Heat Solutions for strategic or emergency commercial boiler hire, you’ll advantage from remote monitoring technology that lets us keep tabs on your appliance at all times.

Our boilers come with exclusive technology, which allows us to monitor performance remotely. If we notice any matters, we can make minor adjustments without even requiring to send an engineer to the site, saving you trouble and troublesomeness.

How regularly do you maintain a commercial boiler?

Like any commercial HVAC system, Boiler Spares systems must be scrutinized by an expert HVAC professional at least once a year to guarantee the system is working securely and efficiently. With their hot temperatures, hassled tanks, and other potential risks, building owners and workers need to leave boiler preservation to the specialists.

Water quality also wants to be reviewed during annual maintenance activities, as dirty water in your heating system reduces efficiency and upsurges the risk of your heat exchangers, air separators, and pumps breaking down.

Always surpassing expectations.

We work on several different manufacturers’ products and have a wealth of experience working with leading UK heating producers. Whether it be failures, servicing, or installations we cover all features concerning Domestic and Commercial Boilers no matter how big or how small. We pride ourselves on reply times for breakdowns, as occasionally the loss of heating can disturb efficiency. 

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