Getting A Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant


If you experience hair loss or baldness and want an economic and permanent solution to your problem, Turkey is the best place for you to get a hair transplant operation. Turkey has always been known as a tourism area, and you should know that medical and cosmetic tourism is a huge part of it as well. A hair transplant operation is one of them. Over the past years, Turkey has made lots of investments and grown in the medical field. Turkey offers a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to medical tourism, such as a hair transplant. So why should you choose Turkey to undergo the hair transplant procedure?

Why Turkey for A Hair Transplant?

Here are a few of the reasons why Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplant surgery and why you should consider having your surgery here as well:

  • With hair transplant in Turkey, you will be provided with high-quality services at incredibly reasonable costs.
  • Clinics in Turkey even offer all-inclusive packages that contain your accommodation and prescriptions.
  • Clinics in Turkey mostly use the FUE hair transplant method, which does not live any visible scar on the body and offers you a quick recovery.
  • Surgeons in Turkey are extremely experienced in the field, so the success rates are very high.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

When the patient has decided on a clinic and doctor in Turkey for hair transplant surgery, the following procedures will take place during the treatment:

Before the Hair Transplant Surgery

  • If you use any medications, including Vitamin supplements, you are asked to stop using them a week before the surgery.
  • You are asked to stop smoking for a week and stop using alcohol 3 days before the surgery
  • You need to discuss the procedure with your doctor in detail
  • You should take a shower before the surgery and wear comfortable clothes.

During the Hair Transplantation Surgery

  • On the day of the procedure, your hair will be fully shaved.
  • Prior to the treatment, all jewelry and contact lenses will be removed.
  • After administering a general anesthetic to the patient, the doctor will remove hair grafts from the donor area.
  • These hair transplants will then be transplanted to the patient’s balding area
  • After the grafting is finished, the scalp will be cleaned.


  • You will need to use the medications your doctor has prescribed after the surgery
  • You should keep your head elevated during sleep.
  • You should not wash your hair for the first few days.
  • Your doctor will tell you not to smoke or drink alcohol for a while after the surgery.
  • You will need to stay away from the sun, water, strenuous activities, and stress.
  • You should take care of your diet as well!

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