When people consider investing, they usually think of stocks and bonds. Yes, stock and bonds investment has several benefits and many people have been able to build their wealth through them over time.

You can read this post to learn more about the benefits of stocks. But, savvy investors are aware of how risky stocks are due to price fluctuation. Hence, they tend to balance this risk by making investments in safe-haven assets.

For your retirement investment, it is wise to equally follow this logic. This is why in current times; several investors are turning to gold IRAs. Gold IRAs can also hold other precious metals like silver, palladium, and platinum (but the most commonly held metals are gold and silver), so they are also called precious metal IRAs.

If you have decided to have a precious metal IRA, then the next big step is to decide on the metal you will be investing in. Since silver and gold are the most common ones, our guess is they are what you are considering.

To help you make an informed choice, we will be looking at these investment paths in this article. Read on to find out more.

Silver Vs Gold Investments

As you consider which investment will be a better choice for you, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

1. Gold as a Diversifier is Stronger

As we have said, diversifying one’s portfolio is vital to ensuring an investor balances the risk involved in investment. Silver on one hand can be a good diversifier since its correlation to bonds, stocks, and commodities are weak.

But gold is seen as an even better and stronger diversifier because it is known to consistently not correlate with stocks. Its correlation to other asset classes is also very low. The reason for this is that gold is not as affected by declines or increases in the economy the way its counterpart is. This is because it has fairly limited industrial uses, unlike its counterpart that is commonly used in several big industries.

2. Silver and Global Economy

Silver may correlate more to the economy globally. This is because this metal is applied in several industries across the globe including automobiles, electronics, smartphones, electrical systems, and so on.

The intense application of this metal in these industries often influences its current market price. Visit to find out the current market price of this asset.

Because of this demand and its correlation to its price, this metal is sensitive to the world’s economic changes more than its counterpart gold. Whenever there’s an improvement in economies, silver’s demand typically grows.

3. The Volatility of Silver

The disparity between both metals’ volatility can be quite vast with silver being more volatile. Its volatility can be times two or even three that of its counterpart. Traders typically stand to gain from this volatility. However, the same can’t be said when portfolio risk has to be managed.

Sometimes, the volatility may result in bigger short-term profits, but most of the time, it may simply result in a bigger downside.

4. Silver as an Inflation Hedge

When looked at through history, both metals have been known to have made high gains in times of rising inflation. One reason for this is that the U.S dollar is always weaker when the cost of services and goods increases.

However, when the U.S dollar becomes weaker and loses value, the metals typically rise since buying them with other currencies becomes cheaper. Yet, as an inflation hedge, silver just may be the better choice. This is because of the industrial demands that make it rise better with a weaker dollar and rising inflation.

5. The Metal Prices

The current price of gold is a lot higher than that of its counterpart. This means silver can be easily accessed by investors that do not wish to invest a large sum of money just yet. Getting a silver IRA may be a better option for those who just started building their portfolio since it is cheaper than its counterpart.

Which to Invest In?

From all that has been said so far, it is obvious that both investments have both benefits and disadvantages. Due to this, we cannot specifically say which would be a better investment for you.

But, for you to conclude, we recommend that you consider all the factors discussed and then compare them with your objectives, needs, how much you want to invest, as well as the risk you want to take.

If a particular metal fits your needs and every other factor listed, then that should be the one you choose for your investment. For instance, if your objective is to get a safe-haven asset but still get higher gains and you are can take higher risks, then silver may be the best choice.

But if you have more money to invest and you need stronger stability (you aren’t willing to take bigger risks), then gold investment will be the better choice for you.


Having a precious metal IRA can help diversify your investment portfolio and ensure your risk is properly balanced. This way, you will be protected from inflation and other economic crises. But the question of which precious metal to invest in soon arises.

Two common choices for investors are silver and gold. While both metals can help you diversify your portfolio, the one you decide on should be based on certain factors as well as your needs. For instance, if your budget is not so big, then silver which is cheaper may be the better choice for you. Likewise, if you are looking to invest in a stronger diversifier, then gold will be the better option.

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