Wigs help men and women in multiple ways, may it be hiding hair loss or trying different hairstyles without trimming original hair. Fighting baldness due to immature hair loss may lead to a drop in confidence. Wigs can boost their confidence, as they offer a realistic and natural look. They are convenient, comfortable, lightweight, and offer the desired look without any medications.

Generally, wigs are made up of human hair and synthetic hair. If you wish to use a wig to conceal your baldness, you must choose a human hair wig. Human hair wigs are more durable and have fine-quality hair. Though they require a lot of maintenance, they give you a natural look.

Alternatively, if you want to have different hairstyles every time, you can choose synthetic hair wigs, as they are cheaper than human hair wigs. With wigs, you can style your hair without harming the original hair. Synthetic wigs are more affordable than human hair wigs. Therefore, if you use wigs for just hairstyling purposes, synthetic wigs are the best. As they are cheaper, you can buy different styles of wigs.

Tips To Select A Natural-Looking Hair Wig For Men

1. Wigs For Oval-Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face is a versatile type. It is a blessing, as people having an oval-shaped face do not have to worry about their hairstyle. They can choose a wig having different styles, like curly, straight, long, short, etc. Therefore, you have an oval-shaped face, concentrate on your age and pick the best wig.

2. Wigs For Diamond-Shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face has a narrow forehead, pointed and narrow chin, and high cheekbones. Men with diamond-shaped faces can go with wigs having a volume at the forehead. Having voluminous hair on the forehead makes it look wider. Moreover, you can opt for a hairpiece that enhances your cheekbones.

3. Wigs For Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a narrow chin and a broad forehead. Men with heart-shaped faces can go with a wig having fringes or bands covering the vast area of the forehead. They can also choose a wig that adds volume to the lower jaw since the chin is narrow.

4. Wigs For Round-Shaped Face

A round-shaped face has a round chin, a circular hairline, and a wide cheek area. There is a short distance between the hairline and the chin. You have to pick a wig that gives a slimmer look to your face. Choose a wig having less volume at the cheeks and high volume at the top.

5. Wigs For Square-Shaped Face

People with square-shaped faces have a square chin, short face, and straight hairline. If you have a square-shaped look, go with the wigs recommended for men with rough-shaped faces.


Depending upon your face shape, you can select the best hair wig to offer you a natural look. NewTimesHair is a wholesale human hair wigs manufacturer and supplier, having more than ten years of experience in the wigs industry. They provide a customized hair wig for men and women made up of different materials, such as European virgin, Indian Remy Hair, and Chinese virgin.

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