Technology plays a very important role in our everyday life. If anyone wants to do anything they are dependent on technology for it. None of us can imagine our lives without technology and the important role that it plays in our life needs to be recognised.

if you read the computer technology news in usa you would already know the role of computer in our daily life and so much of work can be done easily through the computer. However it is important toFollow certain guidelines whenever one is using the computer so that they do not do anything which could be harmful.

Guidelines for when or person uses a public computer:

Public computers used by many people so if you ever open any sensitive files on this screen always make sure that when you are going you should shutdown all those sensitive files. Logout from all websites and applications that have private information so that nobody else can misuse it. One always has to put this in mind while using public computers.

You should also delete and disable all the applications and browsers that store passwords and history. Before you go for browsing turn off or disable the feature that remembers passwords and histories of the application. This will ensure full safety so that nobody can misuse the information.

Another thing that you should do is that you should prevent your sensitive data more than detection. You should not open any sensitive data as much as possible in a public computer because hackers can instantly hack public computers and it would be really easy to track you down. So you should insure that you do not open any sensitive data in a public computer.

You should always try to pick a computer which is in the backside because it is good for concentration and safety as well. Also never enter your password if you have somebody standing around because they could be pan understand your password. Always put your password when you are alone.

What’s always remembering to delete the downloaded files from your hard disk. Sometimes we don’t remember that we have downloaded previous files and we forget about it. However it is important to downloadand then delete if you download anything so that people do not miss use it.

Intentionally or unintentionally you should not say for login data. The reason behind this is that people can misuse your login data. On a public computer lot of people will be using the computer after you and if you want to prevent them from misusing your personal data it is always important to never save your login data.

If you read the latest technology blog in USA you would already be aware of the fact that the rule of technology is really important and one should always make sure that they make the best use of technology for their benefit. If you do not have proper access to technology you can easily get it because now it is available everywhere. Definitely technology has given us a lot of things that we can never deny.

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