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The Korean entertainer, Haha, has long planned to open a business. He’s currently preparing an event in which they will personally grill meat. The idea is a fun and unique way to promote his food stall. The Korean public has responded to Haha’s new venture with enthusiasm. Haha business idea has been widely circulated on social media. Now, you can see Haha’s new venture in Hongdae and Busan.

Initially, he and Kim Jong Kook, the host of SBS’s Running Man, were friends. However, it was their close friendship that led to the successful business partnership. The two have now teamed up to operate a Korean barbecue restaurant brand together. The original restaurant was Haha’s, but the two have restructured it and now it’s known as “Korean BBQ” on MBC. The following are more details about the Haha Business.

Haha business history

Haha business history is very amazing. After winning the Running Man competition, Haha became close friends with the cast and crew. In December 2005, the two co-hosted the popular show, “What’s Up YO!” alongside MC Mong and Jerome To. The show was so popular that it spawned many similar programs, such as Korean karaoke. In 2006, Haha was named Best Entertainer by MBC’s Power FM, and has been on the show since then.

In December 2005, Haha joined the cast of MBC’s Infinite Challenge. It is a variety show, which was created by Kim and Haha, who became a close friend. In 2006, the pair co-hosted a popular Korean barbecue restaurant brand. The restaurant was originally Haha’s, but they restructured it together. The source noted that the close friendship facilitated their successful business partnership. The main purpose was to improve haha business.

After the success of the show, Haha and Kim Jong Kook have become close business partners and started haha business. The two have a joint Korean barbecue restaurant brand, “Ha-Ha’s”, which was originally Haha’s restaurant. The two men also co-host a radio show, “Haha and Mong’s Journey,” which is broadcast on SBS Power FM. In 2006, Haha performed at a guerilla concert in Yeouido Park.

After his stint in the military, he and Kim Jong Kook became business partners. The two had previously worked together on a Korean barbecue restaurant brand called Infinite Challenge. The duo later restructured the restaurant, renamed it “Ha-Ha-Kae” instead of haha business.  Their partnership accelerated their careers. The two now share a joint Korean barbecue restaurant brand. It’s called “Ha-Kook”.

Haha business dispute

The two brothers have been in a business dispute since 2008. They had a dispute about how they should be co-working in their business. In addition to working in the same entertainment program, the two also opened a BBQ restaurant. Although they are close siblings, the two had a conflict about the company’s practices. Both of them sought legal advice to settle the matter, and they both wish to sue each other. The lawsuit is not against them individually, but it could damage their reputations. This was the main reason behind the dispute.

Haha business success

Despite their close friendship, Haha and Kim Jong Kook have a very successful relationship as partners in the business. They co-host the popular show “What’s Up YO!” and have joined forces in a Korean barbecue restaurant brand. Their restaurant was originally Haha’s, but they recently restructured it together. During this time, they have become partners in other businesses. This partnership has led to an impressive influx of income for Haha business.


Known as the “Korean rapper,” Haha started his career as a musician and later became part of the cast of “The Running Man” – the most popular variety show in South Korea. He is incredibly smart and has a Master’s in Drama, but his passion for the food industry led him to pursue a career in the food service industry. For over 10 years, he has owned a food stall in Seoul and expanded the haha business into other cities.

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