Hair Clippers!


So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase your own set of hair clippers, but upon looking you see you have several options to choose from.

Hair Clippers!

Are you wondering if all hair clippers are created equal, and what you should be looking for in hair clippers?

No, not all hair clippers are created equal. They vary from model to model. To be sure you are purchasing what you really want and need.

There are a few features you might want to consider when doing your hair clipper research.

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The Weight

This might not be an important thing to consider for some, but some clipper users definitely have a preference for weight.

They may like something lightweight, or actually prefer clippers that feel a bit more ‘sturdy’ in their hands.

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Cordless or Corded?

Cordless hair clippers tend to run more expensive than their corded counterpart. If you’re looking to save on batteries or not having to recharge your clippers.

You might prefer one with a cord. If you don’t care for the restrictions of a cord, then a cordless option might be better for you.

The Cord Length

If you’re using the clippers on a cord, you will want to ensure that you have adequate length with your electrical cord.

No one wants to feel like they can’t move freely when trying to use a personal grooming device, or feel as though they are going to get tangled in a short cord.

Guide Combs – Hair Clippers

Does it come with the assortment of length or guide combs you need? You might need to think about who you will be using the clippers on.

If you are intending on using the clippers for a few members of your family, you will likely want a bigger variety than if the clippers were to be used on just one person.

Does It Have an Adjustable Blade?

You will probably want to know if your clippers come with an adjustable blade, or if there are additional blades you might need to purchase.

Extras – Hair Clippers

Does the set of clippers come with any extras that are of value to you? Examples of this could include blade oil, instructions, a styling comb, and/or a cleaning brush.

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Warranty – Hair Clippers

Do the hair clippers have a warranty? This is a definite selling point with many personal grooming tools. After all, it is nice to have the opportunity to return it if something malfunctions with the item.

When considering purchasing hair clippers, don’t be afraid to ask friends what they use and what they like.

Keep in mind though that we all have different preferences, so what your best friend might swear by, you might find isn’t right for you.

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