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For various scenes Himachal Pradesh is awesome. That’s how it’s probably India’s most popular states. There are forests, glacial lakes, snow-capped peaks, ice fields and snow-shaped stretches.

For some sports, the mountains of states are used. The towns of Himachal spot the precipices and are exceptional for next trips

A part of the famous tourist spots of the Himachal Mountains are: Hampe Pass, Dhaulandhar Trek, Parvati Valley Trip, Bhabha Pass, Sari Pass Trip, Beas Kund Trip, Chamba and Pin Parvati Trip, Kakeri Lake Trip, etc. Delta call to book flight.


It is a little connection between Lahaul’s Chandra valley and Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. The name Hamta Pass Trek is gotten from *Hamta Village* situated underneath Sethan Village as a piece of Trek course. 

Best Time To Visit Hampta Pass Track? 

Between the middle of June and October, the best opportunity to visit Hampta Pass. During the long days of May-June and September-October Adventurers can encounter some snow, bearing in mind that August is the sunniest month until it starts to shed. At the start of the period, snow is here and it liquefies completely until August. Downpour is usual in Kullu-Manali Valley during rainstorms, but of course the sun remains brilliant.

The temperature will probably remain somewhere in the 12°C and 20°C range during the day while the noticeably highest time is between -2°C and 6°C at night. A touch of snowfall can also be expected for the last part of the traveling season (Sep – mid-Oct). During the day temperatures range from 12 to 18 °C and cold during the nights and temperatures fall from 4 to – 6°C.

May-May is the time to meet a ton of snow on your journey through the Hampta Pass Trek. Temperatures remain between -4°C and 0°C at night, while the cool temperatures remain significant between 8°C and 10°C during the day. At noon, temperatures are significant. In case you choose to become the most important adventurers during the time, free shakes, avalanches, and in any case chilling weather certainly represent an existential danger. It’s a little harmful.

June-Hampta Pass Trek in June is exceptional due to the snow. The measure of snow that you will see on Hampta Pass will cause you to feel that you are traveling in the Arctic.Mid-June is the best ideal opportunity to do the Hampta Pass Tracking in the event that you need to encounter snow – and see snow in its different hint. It is uncommon in light 

of the fact that it is featured by the thin valley of the Hampta Pass. The Hampta Pass journey in June is perhaps the best an ideal opportunity to do this track. 

Sep – If you are one of those adventurers who are not that much into snow and ice but rather favor a greener, downpour washed environment on the path, September will be the ideal month for you to finish this track. Towards the center and end of September, storm nearly disappears, leaving the area shrouded in a new reproach of green. 

Oct-The sun radiates brilliantly during the daytime, yet around evening time temperature falls between 5 degrees Celsius – 7 degrees Celsius routinely. However, the second 50% of the month is especially cunning, as the ways get smaller because of snowfall and streets start to shut down for winter, particularly the return way through Rohtang Pass is shut during this. Temperature can fall under zero also. 

Additionally, keep away from Winter as the temperature is very low and not appropriate for journeying as you can confront numerous threats in transit. 

Nanda Devi East Base Camp Highlight 

● View of Lahaul is shocking from the trip of hampta pass. 

● Breathtaking alluring perspective on the elevated Chandratal is capable. 

● Standing on the highest point of the pass you will be stunned of the thing that’s coming down the road and behind are two unique universes. 

● For travelers, doing the pass crossing is an incredible record of experience. 

  • Hampta Pass journey falls under those uncommon, emotional ones where view on one side of the pass is totally extraordinary and surprising from the other. 

How To Reach Nanda Devi East Coast Base Camp Trek? 

Via Air 

The Kullu Manali air terminal at Bhuntar Town (around 50 km from Manali and 10 km Kullu town) is the closest air terminal for Hampta Pass. Indian Airlines and some private aircrafts have customary set off trips to the air terminal. Chandigarh is the closest International air terminal. 

By Rail 

Joginder Nagar is the closest rail route station (166 km from Manali). The other fit railheads are at Pathankot and Chandigarh. 

By Road 

Manali is very much associated by street with Delhi, Ambala, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Haridwar, Shimla, and Chamba/Dalhousie. Customary transports and cabs are accessible between these stations. 

Nanda Devi East Coast Trek Cost 

As per Ahvan Adventures, the expense per individual is around 34,500 for each head. 

Nanda Devi East Coast Trek Itinerary 

Day 1: Manali To Chika Via Jobra 

Height:- Jobra 9,800ft to Chika 10,100ft. 2-hour drive to Jobra from Manali 2km, 45 minutes journey from Jobra to Chika Enough water is accessible through the path. It’s not difficult to Moderate path. 

Day 2: Chika To Balu Ka Ghera 

Height:- 10,100ft to 11,900ft 8.5Km, 6hr trip Moderate path, progressive climb Enough water is accessible in transit. Waterway crossing, stone walk and vivid minuscule blossoms in transit are capable. 

Day3: Balu Ka Ghera To Siagoru, Crossing (Hampta Pass) 

Height:- 11,900ft to 14,100ft (Hampta Pass) to 12,900ft 7 km, 10hr trip There will be no water point accessible in transit. (It will rely upon the snow condition) First 1 hour is progressive climb at that point steep rising till the pass, appreciate the perspective on Indrasan top. Around 2 hours of steep plummet and 1 hour of level stroll from the Pass to camp sight It’s perhaps the coldest spot of the trip. 

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Day 4: Siagoru To Chatru Drive To Chandratal 

Elevation:- 12,900ft to 11,000ft 7Km, 5hr trip Gradual drop on the moraine. Start promptly toward the beginning of the day There simply 2 to 3 water wellsprings of water in transit. Drive to Chandratal and back to campground, either on day 4 or day 5 ( (it will rely upon street and climate conditions) 

Day 5: Chatru To Manali Via Rothang Pass 

85km drive Time required 4-6 hour Rothang pass street is a calm occupied course; driving time may increment due to of hefty traffic.

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