Heavy copper PCB: a complete guide


Printed Circuit Boards or pcbs are essential items in the electronic world. They are used in straight tools such as toys for hard objects such as war tools. However, conventional pcbs are commonly used in low-power and low-voltage devices. This is to help them work properly. But what kind of PCB is used on devices that require a lot of power and voltage? In this section, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to heavy copper PCB. You will learn what heavy copper PCB is, the benefits of heavy copper PCB, how to make heavy copper PCB, and much more.

What is a heavy copper PCB?

PCB heavy copper circuit board printed with a copper thickness of 3oz per sq. M.Copper thickness is enhanced by making a heavy copper PCB through holes covered with walls. For example, if PCB has two ounces of copper per sq. M. Ft. Thickness is the PCB standard.

But if the PCB has more than 3oz copper, it is considered a heavy PCB copper. However, heavy PCB weight is different from PCB copper weight. Extremely copper PCB with 20oz to 200oz per sq. M. Ft.

It has a heavy copper PCB, a thickness that helps the board conduct current. Boards have more electrical power in the connecting areas than conventional pcbs.

Advantages of copper heavy PCB

Heavy copper PCB comes with many advantages. For those selected filters, it has become a perfect choice for high-end applications. Here are the main benefits of heavy copper PCB.

1. Good heat distribution

Due to their copper-sealed vias, heavy copper pcbs provide excellent heat distribution. Thus, they are used in applications that require high frequency and high speed. The PCB can be used in extreme heat.

2. High electrical power

Another advantage of heavy copper PCB is its excellent mechanical strength. This makes it strong and durable.

3. A good follower

The heavy PCB of copper is very good music. Thus, the PCB is used to make different electrodes for this benefit. It is possible to connect multiple boards together, and they can quickly move now.

4. Have the best dissipation item

Heavy copper pcbs are perfect for essential materials with significant energy loss. This is because they have the best dissipation feature. They prevent overheating of electrical currents.

The difference between conventional PCB and heavy copper PCB

·         Standard pcbs are rapidly manufactured by copper etching and plating systems. The boards are coated to increase the copper thickness of the lines and planes. Also, the amount of copper used in conventional pcbs i1oz.

·         On the other hand, there are different PCB manufacturing methods of heavy copper and the amount of copper used exceeds 3oz.

·         With scales printed circuit boards, cnc cutting, copper etching and plating methods are used. But heavy pcbs of copper are obtained through different etching and step-by-step methods.

·         Standard pcbs perform simple tasks when heavy copper printed circuit boards perform heavy duty. Again, the conventional conducts low current while heavy pcbs conducts low current.

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The manufacturing process of heavy copper PCB

When it comes to making heavy copper pcbs, there are several steps to consider. Thus, plating or etching is often used.

Placing or etching is aimed at increasing the thickness of the copper in the covered holes or walls. Thus, a heavy copper PCB requires a special etching and installation method. This is to see that there is some blackness of copper.

If conventional etching techniques are used, the production of heavy copper PCB is not sufficient. The traditional etching techniques only produce multiple-fixed lines without any.

Throughout the production of CAMTECH PCB heavy duty pcbs, they are electroplated. This helps in coating the walls on the PCB.

Nevertheless, heavy-duty copper production has its limitations. For example, the etching process increases cost and requires a significant amount of copper removal. Again, the heavy copper adhesive makes the surface uneven.

Methods for manufacturing heavy copper PCB

Blue Bar Road

This is a method used to manufacture car pcbs. It involves placing thick copper bars on pcbs to move the increased current. Since only a few lines are needed to move a lot now in a high-power circuit. The method helps to save cost and money as it reduces the weight of the PCB.

Embedded Copper Method

In this way, the PCB of thick copper pcb and heavy copper and a flat surface are combined to form a prepreg resin. The thickness of the resin indicates the thickness of the heavy copper used.

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An absolute

Due to their outstanding performance and benefits, heavy-duty pcbs are admirable and can meet your electrical needs. They can carry high waves and meet the requirements of different applications.

They are widely used in a wide range of environments as they provide many wonderful filters. Therefore, it is important that you study the benefits and dimensions of the heavy copper PCB board before designing.

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