gynecological treatment


When we talk about human health and body, it varies according to age and gender. Every age and each gender have different kinds of health conditions and requirements. When we talk about women’s health, it is entirely different from that of men’s health. Women go through many things starting from adolescence, youth and then elderly years. First, they go through bodily changes which usually start with puberty.

This experience is not the same for every girl, for some girls this time period is extremely difficult as they experience a lot of pain. Some girls do not experience a lot of pain but they might suffer from irregular menstruation which can cause more health issues. When they grow up, they go through the long process of pregnancy which is also a different experience for every woman. Then in elderly age they go through menopause. Through all these stages a woman needs a good gynecologist. In this article we will discuss where we can find the best gynecologist in Multan.

Who is a gynecologist?

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s body and women’s health. Every woman needs a good gynecologist to get medical treatment. A regular internal medicine specialist cannot deal with women’s health issues. Gynecologists specifically deal with women’s health issues and diagnose the disease or problem. They do not only give check-ups and diagnose the issues, they also perform surgeries.

A gynecologist knows the medical history of a woman and they are the ones who deliver the babies and perform C-sections. They treat women’s health issues after puberty, there can be many things going with a woman’s body. It is important to consult a good gynecologist at the right time so that the issue can be caught and resolved at the right time. Because any small issue can get worse with the time if not treated at the right time. Knowing the whole health history, a gynecologist helps women to prevent, diagnose and treat health issues.

Every hospital in Pakistan, especially the cities have gynecologists on board. In fact, not just one, there are many gynecologists in a hospital because this is the busiest department of any hospital. In this article we will be discussing the best hospital with the best gynecologist.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (Mash) Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is one of the best private hospitals in Multan with the state-of-the-art building. They have the most modern and clean building in the whole of South Punjab. No other hospital has maintained such cleanliness in Multan or South Punjab. Every patient complements their cleanliness and the behavior of the staff. They are known for their quality services in Multan. One of their main and quality services is gynecology. Let’s see what they offer in their gynecology department which makes them the best hospital in Multan for gynecological treatment.

Prenatal care

Prenatal care is a pre-delivery regular check up for a woman’s and the baby’s good health. Prenatal care is the foundation of a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital has the best gynecologist in Multan for prenatal care. They provide best possible care to the woman, during this period a woman needs excessive care and regular check-ups.

Pain free delivery

Delivery is the most painful process for a woman in the whole lifetime. It is a matter of life and death for a woman. Any kind of negligence can put both lives at stake, mother’s and the baby’s. An experienced gynecologist can reduce the pain of delivery with modern techniques and equipment.  Gynecologists at Mukhtar A. Sheikh are the experts in performing pain free deliveries.

Postnatal care

After the delivery, the first two months are crucial for the mother. They need extra care to stay healthy, there can be many health issues after the birth of a child. Proper diet and regular check-up are important even after the birth. If you want to find the professional gynecologist for postnatal care, Mukhtar A. Sheikh is the right hospital. By knowing the whole history, they provide the best possible care to the mother.


Menopause is another phase of a women reproductive health. Some women experience excessive bleeding during this period. And some have to go through uterus removal surgery. there has to be the most experienced gynecologist for this treatment. Mukhtar A. sheikh provides expert care for the women going through menopause. 

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