As per a July 2019 survey, OnePlus reported smartphone sales in India, which were double that of other leading brands such as Samsung and Apple. Since its launch in the country’s market, OnePlus’s reputation has grown rapidly. Today, its smartphones are in high demand, thanks to their impeccable quality, competitive pricing, and feature loaded models.

Owing to this success, OnePlus began mobile manufacturing in India recently. Here are some of the benefits that the company can expect by adopting manufacturing incentives such as benefits under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Advantages of for OnePlus manufacturing handsets in India

  • Improved pricing model

Previously, OnePlus had to resort to importing most of its smartphones into the country, as they lacked proper facilities for mobile manufacturing in India. It led to an addition of tariffs and other taxes to the final price of the device itself. Thus, Indian customers had to pay more than the actual price of these smartphones.

However, local production would prevent such additional charges from being levied to a OnePlus handset’s selling price. It would benefit the customers significantly. Similarly, competitive pricing would boost sales, leading to heftier profits for the company.

  • Attractive government incentives

Smartphone companies, such as OnePlus, can also benefit greatly by their mobile manufacturing in India through government-backed incentives. For example, in 2020, the Indian government approved a production-linked incentive plan for 16 leading smartphone manufacturing companies.

Using this plan, companies can make between 4% and 6% extra profit from their sales in the local market. This facility would be available for the next five years to the approved companies.

  • Growing dislike for products manufactured in China

OnePlus is a Chinese brand, which has faced some flak in the Indian market in the past due to growing tensions between the two countries. Customers are ready to boycott any and all Chinese manufactured items under such a condition. However, OnePlus can avoid this situation with its ‘Make in India’ manufacturing facility.

Today, the company runs R&D centres in India, alongside its manufacturing plants. Therefore, with India-made products, chances of geo-political issues disrupting revenue are limited by a significant degree. Such a move will likely lead to impressive sales of the company’s upcoming 5G phones.

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