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America has been a land of opportunities for millions of people worldwide. But the biggest influx of people in the US is Asians, who come there as students, or work. Staying away from home is definitely difficult but you do what you have to do. Some people go there in search of new beginnings. This is confirmed by the fact that two-thirds of Asian Americans are immigrants. But another piece of information that we came across was that Asian Americans are not very proficient in English, especially those from south-east Asia. This means that regional languages are still spoken widely. Hindi is amongst the top 5 languages spoken in America amongst Asian Americans. To help them in typing English and Hindi easily, Bharat keyboard has introduced the Hindi keyboard app for Android

The keyboard is fast, easy to use and made in India, which makes it responsive and withstands many issues that Indians face while typing in regional languages. Talking to family and friends back home feels incomplete without the native language. As Hindi features in the most spoken languages list, we will be talking about the Hindi keyboard app. The reason for the popularity of this keyboard is its multifunctionality and dynamic nature. The app is constantly updated and never stops amusing. Let me show you how this keyboard is making headlines amongst Indian Americans. 

Hindi Typing

What is that reaction “Obviously”. I know Hindi typing is expected but this is like no other you have previously experienced. The Hindi typing keyboard has a very good layout with sufficient keyboard size. The size is also adjustable from the keyboard settings. Typing feels great, words come up instantly which proves this keyboard is very responsive. Some may or may not like keyboard vibration while typing and can change the settings according to their need. 

English, Hindi and Hinglish keyboard are the three options presents on the app. You can switch between the three with just a click. Use the Hinglish keyboard when you must type in Hindi with English letters. Use the Hindi keyboard when you must write complicated words, although the Hinglish typing is pretty accurate. If you want to type faster, you can use the swipe feature and speech-to-text. The keyboard smartly recognizes your swiping and speech respectively, and forms sentences without mistakes. The keyboard also has auto-correction that greatly reduces mistakes. 

Quality Hindi Messages 

These are not the messages that you type, but the ones that you get. Yes, the Hindi keyboard app gives access to hundreds of qualities literary content that can be sent as messages in your chats and groups. There comes moments where you get a little time to make an impressive contribution in a discussion. This contribution could either really pull people towards or have no impact other than to get ignored. If you got excited reading the first scenario, then you won’t have to wait longer.

The Hindi keyboard app has hundreds of funny messages, inspirational thoughts and meaningful Shayari. When you are staying so far away from home, conversation with loved ones back home should be full of fun. That is why the hilarious jokes from the keyboard will light you Whatsapp or other texting app groups on fire. These jokes are not vulgar or offending, but pure at heart and outright witty. They bring instant reaction from anyone who reads them, and you won’t ever run out of them since they are constantly updated. Similarly, tough and hectic days call for some good words to be heard and positive vibes to be felt. But we mostly don’t feel like talking to anyone. During such times, reading quotes from the keyboard has helped hundreds of people to get through those moments. If you have anyone who feels lonely or down, these words are sure to brighten their day.

Hindi Stickers

Stickers speak louder than words. Yes, I changed the famous quote, but with good intent. Stickers have taken the world by storm by how cool and fun they are. Movie scenes, memes, friends, cousins, or greetings, you can convert anything to stickers and get them easily on your Whatsapp stickers. But there are only two ways you can add stickers to Whatsapp. First, by adding it when someone sends it you, and second, through third-party sticker apps. All of this is going to end after Hindi keyboard download

You can make and use stickers on the Hindi keyboard without relying on any other apps. Create your avatars and use them on the thousands of ready-made stickers available. Speaking of which, there are many sticker apps on the app that you can download and use. The avatars that you make will be put on different stickers giving your loved ones a feeling that you’re close by. The same goes with you when they send you avatars. The keyboard can also animated stickers, something that is very sought-after but not known to many. 

Even simple words can be converted to stickers called pop-texts. Type a word or sentence up to 25 characters, the keyboard will show a preview which you can click to share the sticker. Pop-text makes boring conversations fun and is intriguing for those who see it for the first time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Hindi keyboard app is an ultimate sticker app. 

Keep Notes

Life in America is very busy. Only the rich can afford domestic help. A common man has to complete his office/college work and then do household chores. Often you may not get time to talk to your friends or relatives in India. So, when you finally do, there must be a whole list of things that you tell them. To never forget what you want to say, the keyboard lets you store any message that you want, which can be sent with just a click whenever you want. 

Asian Americans are one of the most hardworking communities in the US. They have, over the years, contributed immensely to the country’s growth. There is no denying the fact that initially, the immigrant’s Language proficiency is weak, due to which they face a lot of issues and harassment. It is saddening but there are issues with all countries, and this is something the States are trying their level best to reduce. For such hardworking people, especially our brothers and sisters from India, the best typing keyboard is well deserved. And the Hindi keyboard is nothing less than the best. 

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