The world of digital marketing has become cut-throat in the past two or so years. Every leading brand has its own website, sprinkled with the perfect keywords to rake up majority of the leads. That’s quality SEO for you. But what about the marketing department?

Welcoming people in your drawing room is easy, but to have them stay and chat is a different ballgame altogether. This is where your digital marketing salespeople come in to play. They are experts at communication, active listening and closing the deal at the best possible price. With the right digital marketing SEO service come the right salespeople- and they can become the game-changers your online presence needs.

So, how should you go about hiring the right kind of people for this job?

When it comes to sales teams in the digital marketing arena, there are two approaches that work- one, you find the SEO experts and teach them sales tactics; or, two, you find expert salespeople and teachthem SEO strategies. The latter works better in almost all cases.

Step 1. Find Instinctive Salespeople and Deal-closers

Some people are blessed with the powers of communication. They are natural at putting their point across and receiving a positive response. While interviewing, look for these kind of instinctive communicators.

It is their quality of making things relatable that will attract more people to listen to them. You can teach them the skills required for SEO, but how to negotiate and close a deal is something which should remain a natural talent.

Step 2. Train Them In SEO Tactics

Once you have selected your team of instinctive salespeople, you will realise that they might not have the best knowledge about optimization strategies. No matter because these skills can easily be taught and you can train your team in SEO tactics and know-how.

Even though a crash course would suffice, encourage your team of marketers to combine their natural relatability in selling with their new knowledge of SEO in order to create their unique style and process.

Step 3. Test Their Skills In Hot Waters

Once your team is ready and trained, it would be time for them to test out their skills. Allow them to flex their digital marketing muscles with small projects first. Once they are confident and you see your desired results, you can have them jump on important projects and long-term clients.

Slowly but gradually, let them have challenging projects to learn how to trust each other’s abilities and work with their strengths. Give them leadership roles one by one to hone negotiating skills, too.

Step 4. Lock Them In

Now your digital marketing sales team is ready to rock and roll. It might take some time and effort to train them, but these people will ensure that you close all your deals, bring creative marketing ideas to the table and not only bring you promising leads, but also help catapult your brand to one of the top names of your industry.

Your digital marketing team should have a healthy balance of SEO experts as well as master negotiators and salespeople so that they can bounce their unique ideas and processes off of each other and learn about the integration of both these fields for an unparalleled result.

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