HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention-It Starts with Me & You


HIV was once a horror, but with technological advancement in the healthcare sector, HIV has become much dormant. Although it’s not that the cases are not reported with government-planned interventions like ‘Free PrEP Online’, testing and staying safe from HIV has become much more manageable. Globalization has also contributed to the looming fear of contracting HIV in Women.

As per Forbes, one-quarter of the population with HIV is women. Not everyone has medical insurance, but worry not; you can get your prescription through PrEP Online

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDs Awareness Day is celebrated every year on March 10. This day is dedicated to spreading awareness about HIV in people. HIV is still a real problem, but if taken care of properly can be prevented in time. 

HIV is a healthcare condition and can happen to anyone. But since women may transfer this disease to their unborn child, it is essential to ensure that every girl and woman has complete knowledge about their health and check if they are HIV positive or negative. HIV is also common in men, and any woman exposed to HIV positive man can carry this virus. 

How to prevent HIV? It’s the most crucial question; read on to know how to keep yourself safe.

What to do if I am HIV Positive?

No need to panic! Even if you are HIV positive, you can still defeat this disease and come out like a warrior. You need to keep an eye on your health and make sure you attend all your doctor appointments. Getting tested with ‘Free PrEP Online’ is the safest way to know about your health. You heard it right; you do not need hefty medical insurance to keep yourself healthy. Even with PrEP Online’, you can get your medication (Prescribed by any Physician) at your doorstep.

Most Important, educate your partner and let them know about your health condition. It is their right to learn about your health condition.

How to know if I am HIV Negative?

You can get yourself tested for HIV with complete privacy. You can get registered with, or you can even do it at home with ‘Free PrEP Online’. You will get the kit at home, so you can quickly test yourself and your partner for HIV. It’s essential to check your partner for HIV before sex.

Also, you can learn about safe sex methods. Condoms are the safest. Prevention is better than cure; although we all know it’s the reality, HIV is mainly transmitted through sex with HIV positive person. Therefore, be sure that you are not falling for a long-term illness.

You can also learn how to get tested with ‘Free PrEP Online’ by your doctor. Your doctor will explain the accurate way of doing the test at home. Or you can get a prescription for PrEP; it is the most effective pill to keep you safe from HIV contracted through sex. You can order this pill from ‘PrEP Online’ and deliver it to your doorstep. 

How to end the HIV pandemic?

Complete eradication of HIV can be over-ambitious. But, we can defeat and even live a healthy life with HIV. If you think you have HIV, you may have to go through these stages, so gear up.


Getting tested is the first important thing to do. Most HIV carriers are women, and it is essential to cure them as they could transfer it to their children. A child deserves to be born healthy. Efforts toward testing for HIV and getting Free PrEP Online testing can help keep most women safe. Since HIV fights against the human immune system, knowing how to have a healthy lifestyle is important. 


It is the innovation of medical science now that a single pill can keep you safe from contracting HIV- PrEP. However, the issue is that most women do not know about PrEP. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched their ‘Ready, Set, PrEP’ program nationwide to educate the common public about the usage of this medication.

PEP medication can prevent an individual from contracting this virus in an emergency if taken within 72 hours of sexual assault, shared needles and sex.


Treatment can succeed only when the patient is transparent and cooperative about their health condition. It should be the moral responsibility of every individual to get tested and inform their partner beforehand. Although with technological advancement, the latest treatments are identified, it will not be possible until women are entirely cooperating in the process. 


It is critical to introduce HIV treatment in women and girls to reduce the number of HIV cases. We encourage not only patients but the families, friends and peers of these patients to take an equal interest in improving the health of their loved ones and to motivate them to keep themselves tested and safe. Neglected behaviour of loved ones could be damaging to the patient’s overall mental health. It will increase the stigma related to HIV and discourage patients from asking for help. 

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