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When the time comes when your parents can no longer be independent, think about how you would help them. You can choose between taking care of him at home, admitting him to a center, or taking care of him yourself. You ask, why choose 24-hour home assistance? There are several reasons for this. One is that a home caregiver will take the pressure off you when you can’t care for a family member. Understandably, you cannot leave your job because you would not cover the cost of living, or because you have your own family and children to take care of. Thanks to a home caregiver, you can continue your life or pursue your hobbies with peace of mind.

A natural environment for your loved one

For older people who cannot take care of themselves because of health problems, it is best to stay at home, where they know you well and have spent most of your life. Older people find it more difficult to adapt to a new environment or changes in general. Therefore, it is better to prefer a nanny to home care. The older person may also become disoriented or act confused. Moving to a foreign environment would hurt your health and especially your mental state. Also, a patient admitted to a nursing home may not feel comfortable spending time in the same room with people she has never seen before.

If you organize home care for the elderly, he will not feel unnecessary or that you have put him somewhere else. By taking elderly companion care at home, you show him that you care about him. They will help you with basic tasks such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, accompanying you to doctor’s appointments, helping you with paperwork, and personal hygiene. Care also has a social dimension. The caregiver makes the time more pleasant for the person being cared for by talking, taking them for walks, or playing board games. It all depends on the diagnosis that a particular patient has. All these c

Care in the home environment 

Among the advantages of 24-hour home care is the fact that the caregiver can dedicate herself fully to a single client, which is not the case in a nursing home. In senior care facilities, they can’t spend as much time with one person, as one caregiver is responsible for multiple patients. Hiring a home caregiver ensures that your parents will be respected and well cared for. If you place your family member in a nursing home, you may not have specific requirements.

In the case of home care, you can agree on clear rules with the staff and respond to inadequate care. Although the caregiver is not authorized to perform activities that are the purview of a doctor or nurse, she can administer medication, call an ambulance, or render first aid if necessary. If you need to organize things like blood draws, injections, insulin, or infusions, you can ask for a caregiver with medical training or experience in this field. Also, in this case, you can resort to outpatient healthcare.

Regardless, home care is still the best and most comprehensive solution, as the caregiver is also available in the middle of the night if needed. The patient can call it, for example, a bell. This care takes place during weekdays, weekends, and holidays, but if you can elderly companion care for your loved one on weekends yourself, you can do so and agree with the caregiver on the hours you will visit your loved one. his parent. Home care nurses rotate through the home in shifts.

Home care and a more varied social life

24-hour home care is a better alternative for your loved one than a nursing home. Statistics show that up to 75% of older people want to spend their old age in their own homes. In a home environment, their daily rhythms are not disturbed and they can continue activities that they can do on their own.
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