Home Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents


Moms and dads have a lot on their plate these days, so finding a way to be practical regarding daily chores can give them extra time with their kids and relax. One of the most demanding things is keeping a house in order, so we prepared home cleaning hacks that busy parents will love. Say bye-bye to stepping on toys, washing a mountain of dishes, and scrubbing until your muscles hurt. These tricks will shorten the time you spend tidying up and also not make a big deal out of it. 

Organize your tasks

What goes first matters! For example, start the dishwasher or washing machine first and then do other chores until they’re done. A cleaning schedule is also a good way to keep yourself efficient and avoid deep-cleaning your home all the time.

Start with defining chores as daily, weekly, and monthly. Once you are done, create a schedule and place it somewhere you and the rest of your household will see it. It’s always good when it’s a laundry day, so everyone can prepare their dirty clothes, saving you from looking for them all over the rooms.

Recruit kids to help

The very least your kids can do is pick things up after themselves every day. The toys should go in the boxes, school books on their desks, and their clothes in the closet or laundry basket. These are the basic chores you can teach them from an early age which will mean a lot to busy parents.

If they are old enough to vacuum, wash dishes, scrub, or iron, you should recruit your children to help. Since kids are good at avoiding this type of chore, you should be ready to compromise. For example, set one day in the week they will have to participate in home cleaning, but also think of some kind of reward, like movie tickets or an hour longer curfew.

Know when you are over your head

Those who moved are well aware of how much cleaning and decluttering there is to do. For a busy parent, this can be hard to handle and the house may turn into a mess in a matter of days. Fortunately, if you, for instance, need house cleaning in Sydney or a housekeeper in Boston, you can easily find them over the internet or by recommendation.

These professional services are widely available today and not reserved only for the rich and famous like they used to be half a century ago. You can hire them one time or make arrangements to have them clean your home on weekly, monthly, or other necessary periods.    

Make homemade cleaners

Chemical cleaning may be more aggressive, but that also means it can be dangerous and damaging to you, your family, pets, and your property. Instead, turn to homemade cleaners that are eco-friendly, organic, and quite good at taking care of stains, germs, and all sorts of dirt. The best part — you won’t waste time on shopping and spending money since you already have these products in your home.

White vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, essential oils, and salt are some of the common ingredients of homemade cleaners. For example, to make an all-purpose cleaner you need to combine vinegar, lemon rind, water, and fresh/dried rosemary sprigs. To clean windows, mix water, vinegar, and 70% alcohol. You may need borax powder or ammonia for persistent dirt, like grease, but it’s still less toxic than store-bought products.    

Try quick cleaning tricks

Here are some tricks for a quick cleaning you can do every day:

· Use disinfecting wipes in the bathroom and kitchen and special wipes for wooden surfaces

· Put salt on the cutting board and kitchen counter overnight to kill the germs

· Soak and rinse dishes after meals so you can wash them quickly

· Use oven liners when baking or place a smaller pan in a bigger one so the food doesn’t end up on the bottom and burn down

· Take off the shoes in the hallway so you don’t have to vacuum and wipe the floors all the time

· Place mosquito nets on the windows and patio/balcony doors to prevent dirt and bugs from entering your home

· Separate laundry baskets into types of clothes, for white, colored, knitted, and other textiles so you don’t waste time doing it by yourself

In conclusion 

Home cleaning is not for everyone, especially busy parents. But, you have options, like hiring housekeeping, recruiting household members, and creating a cleaning schedule. These home cleaning hacks will turn tedious chores into quick and easy tasks that will give you more free time for leisure.

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