Honey and Cinnamon


Spices have proven health benefits well known for centuries. Some of the spices like cinnamon are used in food and beverage preparations for their benefits to health. The effect of the spices is increased when they are mixed with other natural products or decoction of two natural products is made.

Cinnamon supports all those factors which boost the erection process in males. The chemical in it dilates blood vessels to facilitate smooth blood movement towards the pelvic area. The extra sugar is burned into energy and hypertension is considerably reduced by the spice. With honey, spice cinnamon multiples its benefits to cure male weakness. And on top of its entire aroma is a strong aphrodisiac for some males.

Cinnamon Improves Heart Health

The high antioxidants in the spice counter the oxidative stress in the body. The daily consumption of cinnamon in warm water with honey cuts cholesterol levels and improves lipid profile. The mid aged males with formation of plaque in heart arteries often suffer from low blood circulation resulting in erection difficulties. Regular consumption removed deposits of fatty substance in the arteries to increase blood supply and improve erection process. Cinnamon also fights inflammation that is linked with obesity. The overall beneficial role in heart health lifts male erection process.

Control Blood Sugar Levels to Prevent Erectile Issues

Constant high blood sugar levels damage blood vessels. Along with the aging process, which hardens the blood vessels, male find reduced blood flow towards the pelvic area.  Cinnamon regulates blood sugar level and controls the symptom of diabetes. Taking the decoction of cinnamon in the morning checks sugar levels, improves libido and brings strength in penile nerves.

Improve Energy and General Body Fatigue

Honey in warm water with cinnamon is an invigorating drink.  It overcomes lethargy or tiredness and ensures relaxation. The methylhydroxychalcone polymer in cinnamon is a blood sugar regulator. It uses the excess sugar in the body. The body cannot store excess sugar. The brink helps the males to convert sugar into energy.  The improved energy levels with Generic Levitra 40mg for higher erection difficulty will allow a male to get more from the single dose.

Fight Inflammation Induced Obesity

The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has 90 percent of the essential oil of the bark of the spice. It is an active component which improves lipid metabolism.  The daily consumption of cinnamon in boiled water regulates the overproduction of protein that binds in the intestine with the lipids.  By managing hyperlipidemia, the higher levels of lipids, the obesity related diabetes is kept under control. Thus, weight management improves the general health, which supports a health erection process.

Fight Obesity with Warm Honey Water and Cinnamon

Doctors who prescribed higher doses of Sildenafil citrate 200mg to males observed that obesity was one of the causes of low blood circulation towards the pelvic area. The obese males are more likely to face erection issue compared to healthy and physically fit males. Obesity induced erection difficulty is cured by weight management in a natural way without crash diet or supplements.

Cinnamon decoction with honey removes fatty deposits from the arteries. However, the spice alone is not the magic formula to lose weight, but the spice will help males fight diabetes, insulin sensitivity or metabolism related weight issues.

Preparing the Honey Cinnamon Drink

Boil cinnamon sticks in water for five minutes. Take the boiling water down to add honey. The honey depends on your taste, but it should never be more than two tablespoonfuls. Drink the water in the morning and evening daily for better results. For enhanced benefits squeeze a lemon slice. To take the best from the drink, maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet modification, exercise, and a way to keep mind relaxed. The total overall healthy lifestyle that includes honey and cinnamon use on a regular basis will bring lasting solutions to health issues including erectile dysfunction.


Cinnamon and honey combination are one of the effective and potent natural cures for several issues ranging from common cold to erectile dysfunction. But honey should never be boiled to prepare the decoction. Boil water with cinnamon, and then add honey after taking the decoction off the burner. Daily consumption for at least a couple of weeks will show desired results. For permanent results use the decoction regularly.    

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