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Reasons why hotels in Columbia, Mo are the best!

The hotels in Columbia, Mo are brimming with people throughout the year. It is one of the best places to visit for a vacation in the state of Missouri. Let’s explore the reasons behind it!

  1. Academia

With its academic and literary culture, Columbia is the fourth fastest-growing city in Missouri. It is also the fourth most populous city in the state. The tripartite establishment comprising Stephens College, the University of Missouri, and Columbia College has given the city fame at the global level. Therefore, people not only come to Columbia to visit the city but to also study at these prestigious institutes.

The University of Missouri takes the cake for being the embodiment of Columbia’s culture. The Francis Quadrangle, standing in all its glory among the lush green fields, is a well-known tourist attraction. The National Register of Historical Places also contains its name. Moreover, members of the community and the campus students often gather at the spot. The campus of the university in itself is a sight to behold.

The Francis Quadrangle is surrounded by Jesse Hall. It is an aesthetically and architecturally pleasing sight of a red-brick building. Towards the southeast of the structure lies the original tombstone of Thomas Jefferson. However, these are only a few reasons why hotels in Columbia, Mo are famous.

  1. Parks and Recreation

Apart from its fame as an academic giant, the city has much more to offer for those who are only visiting it. Its location in central Missouri makes it an even greater attraction for tourists. From caves to Shelter Gardens, the region is filled with glorious, natural spots. Therefore, the greenery of the city adds to its modern beauty.

Moreover, the famous Stephens Lake Park is another source of joy for tourists. Located just east of downtown, Stephens Lake provides 11 acres of water and is the centrepiece of the park. For the tourists, it offers fishing opportunities, a seasonal swimming beach, and non-motorized boating access.

Yet another park in the city is the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Located just five miles south of downtown Columbia, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park provides a fresh and scenic environment. That’s why tourists can breathe fresh air while also exploring the park. The Gans Creek Wild Area Trail System offers hikers a great opportunity for adventure. 

However, the best attraction in the park is the Devil’s Icebox Cave. It is a complex cave, spread over seven miles of mapped passageways. Although, it can only be toured with the guiding experts. Devil’s Icebox Cave is also a beautiful addition to the reasons why hotels in Columbia, Mo remain full 365 days a year!

  1. Art and Museums

Under the University of Missouri, the city operates the Museum of Art and Archeology. Located north of Columbia’s downtown district, the museum offers free admission to its visitors. Not only does the museum offer wonderful antiquities, but there are also workshops and events held every week for academic purposes.

Apart from the museum, there’s the Columbia Art League. Located at the centre of downtown, the Columbia Art League, also called CAL, it is a major tourist attraction. Just like the museum, the CAL offers free admissions for visitors. CAL is a prime example and safeguard of Columbia’s artistic culture and heritage. It offers kids’ summer camps as well as adult workshops. Adding even more art to the streets, CAL also hosts an Art in the Park celebration each June at Stephens Lake Park.

Therefore, arts and museums are yet another reason why travellers book hotels in Columbia, Mo for vacation.

Looking for hotels in Columbia, Mo?

While tourism is always on a run in Columbia, the perfect time to book your hotels in Columbia, Mo is during the following months: September, October, and November. This is because, during these months, the weather provides the perfect opportunity to have fun. Get the best deals on your stay at Columbia hotels with Hunt hotels and enjoy a reliable and stress-free hotel booking experience!

Why is Charlotte an amazing tourist destination

Charlotte is a great place to travel during vacations. It is North Carolina’s fastest-growing metro city as well as its most populous city. With a majestic skyline and towering buildings, rapidly increasing forestry, brilliant museums, a leading position in various sports, and being home to some of the world’s greatest festivals, Charlotte locks horns with the best tourist destinations globally.

Travellers come to Charlotte to witness the artistic and colourful festivals which include the Carolina Renaissance Festival and the Yiasou Greek Festival. Both these events are as exciting as anything can get and travellers are willing to pay hefty amounts to enjoy what the city has to offer as much as possible.

Another important event is the Charlotte Pride which is held every year during the month of August. Its aim is to raise awareness about the LGBT groups and create a safe environment for them.

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