How a Personal Fitness Trainer Correct Poor Posture?


People don’t feel themselves, but they are standing or sitting in a very awkward posture. Their heads are bent forward that is misaligned with the back. Another posture that is considered poor is hunched. But you should not worry as a personal fitness trainer has suggestions and know exercises that will help to improve the posture.

Questions To ask a Personal Fitness Trainer concerning Poor Posture

When you are diagnosed with a bad or poor posture, there are specific questions that the patient has. It is vital for the clients at training centres and gyms to ask them. The three most important questions that clients should inquire about are mentioned below.

What is Upper Crossed Syndrome?

When the balance between chest, neck, and shoulders are out, they become weak or tight; this situation is called Upper Crossed Syndrome. It is the technical term for a bad posture.

Why does This Syndrome Develop?

There are two leading causes of this syndrome. The first one is when the muscles are overexerted because of repetitive movements; they become stiff and tight. The second one is when rhomboids become weak, which is helps retrain the straight posture.

What Activities Worsen This Condition?

If you are experiencing an extreme case of Upper Crossed Syndrome, you should check on your daily routine. The activities that make the condition worse are using computers and mobile for a long time, biking, reading, and driving.

Fitness Trainer in Sunnyvale Suggest Exercises

The fitness trainers at various gyms and trainer centres like Silicon Valley Athletics suggest a few exercises that are helpful to strengthen the weak muscles and release the tightened muscles.

Rotation  of the Neck

The most effective exercise to relax the neck muscles is to rotate the head clockwise and anticlockwise three times each. The movement has to be slow to release the tension in the muscles gradually.

Doing Split Squats

Stand with the legs apart sideways and bend the back leg towards the ground. You have to lean forward but make sure that the back is straight and the front foot is bent correctly.

Scapular Rotation

In this exercise, the shoulders must be rotated first in a forward movement and then backward. This is one exercise that is great for individuals who are working for long periods on the computer.

Bridge Raise on the Floor

The client has to lay down on the back with legs bent, making a triangle. The hands should be straight on the floor and lying in this position, and you should raise your back from the floor.

Personal Trainers Instruct to Avoid Poor Posture

Along with the exercises, the professional fitness coach also advises tips that are effective to avoid the development of a poor posture. These tips work great with the exercises that are mentioned in the above point.

Keep Your Weight Controlled

You have to decrease the weight because gaining it affects the spine.

Shoes Should Provide Comfort to Feet

The individuals who have the main job of standing have to wear comfortable shoes. Keeping the feet comfortable will improve the posture and maintain it in the correct position.

Take Intervals During Activities

Another essential suggestion given by the personal fitness trainer is to take intervals between long periods of activities. Taking breaks will relieve muscle tension.

The personal trainers will advise exercises and suggest tips to correct the poor posture and avoid development in the first palace.

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