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The publicly valued company Apple has now become the world’s most biggest and important company surpassing the importance of the state oil company of Saudi Arabia ‘’ Saudi Aramco.

Apple possess the market value of up to $1.84 trillion. In the last year the total apple revenue across different countries has hit over $59.7 billion surpassing the last year’s record.

The increase in the revenue of Apple has shocked the Wall Street since it managed to attain more loyal customers.

The prominent sales were made of Strong Mac and IPad.

However since the emergence of world health pandemic the demand of devices have been significantly increased concerning the reasons of boredom, virtual classes and the only source of maintaining the connection.

The company has announced its third quarter earning recently.

Investors have made predictions regarding the rise of this company $6essay in the time of the pandemic.

Historical Background:

The introduction of apple is a kind of friendship fairytale of 3 friends. If it weren’t for all three, the world would have been deprived of such a company that introduced an outstanding and remarkable technology that will remain a hit till the end of the world.

Steve Jobs, Ron Wayne and Steve Wozniak are the founders of Apple Inc. In 1976, they invented the first Apple computer which consists of not only circuit board with costs under $700 in Palo Alto, California. The first apple computer had a typewriter type keyboard attached to it and possess the ability to connect to TV screens.

Eventually the apple teamed up with the Microsoft and Motorola.

What does the Apple Inc. Provides?

You must have been familiar with some of the products of apple. But it’s quite a possibility that you must not have heard about the rest of them.

Well, to bring into your knowledge this extreme hit company provides numerous tech services to its consumers around the world.

So what are these?

Once evaluated through an essay written with the assistance of cheap reliable essay writing service that this company provides following services:

  • Servers
  • Digital Media Distributions
  • Consumer Electronics – IPad, IPhone, IPod
  • Personal Apple Computers – MacBook
  • Computer Software – Macintosh

However the I-devices are the basic products that this company provides to its consumers and the history put forth this point that all the products of this company have I attached to their product name.

History Behind it’s Chosen Name:

There existed a minor controversy over the name of the company since it clashed with the name of the Beatles publisher, Apple Corps.

However, as claimed by its owners they were innocent of the fact and the reason the company opted this name was out of nowhere, in fact it was just an instant thought. The founders claim the name was a proposal of Steve Jobs who returned from an apple farm.

On the other hand, people still seem curious about the icon of the apple. To remind apple icon is a bitten Apple. Theories have surrounded the social media sites. Where once Rob Janoff the designer of the logo claimed the icon represented the story of Adam and Eve.


Since it initiation the company has grabbed the attention of millions of investors and consumers. And it has gotten recognition among the masses that no other product has gotten as a comparison to this one.

However, there exist numerous reasons to support the argument that why this company became a valuable public company. And not just the day the company came into existence and not just today. The company expects to remain a favorite for its consumers in the next coming years as well.

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