Massage guns online have become increasingly popular in the pandemic era and afterward, as shown by a recent Google trends analysis of the past three years. However, this rise in popularity also raised the question in many people’s minds: Do massage guns actually work? We have answered all your questions in our blog post so that you can see whether these actually work or not.

What Are Fit Body Factory Massage Guns?

The massage gun was originally invented as fitness equipment to help relieve tight, sore, and aching muscles after working out. It does this by jackhammering your target areas with vibration therapy or increasingly percussive techniques that get deep into the tissue for real relief from aches all over.

With the rise of technology and people working from home, more than ever, there is a need for relaxation. Percussive massage therapy from massage guns has been an excellent way to relieve stress without leaving your house.

The Fit Body Factory massage guns are hand-held devices that work on muscles through percussion therapy. It can be used by athletes or people who are just getting into fitness, as it does not even require much effort on your part and will relieve any tension in your body.

Benefits Of Owning An FBF Massage Gun:

Aside from the obvious, the FBF Massage Gun has an amplitude of benefits as follows:

  • Certain massage techniques by using an FBF massage gun can also break up scar tissue.
  • It improves your flexibility and thus, prevents almost all workout or sports-related injuries.
  • In contrast to the typical massage, which improves blood flow, percussive therapy may help you stay more focused because it increases oxygen levels in your brain.
  • Increase oxygen flow to your organs, including the brain and lungs.
  • Massage guns also facilitate the release of lactic acids in the body, which are great for muscle buildup.
  • Massage guns help build up muscle mass and increase muscle strength.
  • Never worry about having to push yourself too far in the gym.
  • Reduce muscle soreness, including DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, post an intense workout.
  • FBF Massage guns can improve your blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Speed up post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation.
  • Stimulate your nervous system with percussion therapy and speed up your nerve response.
  • Stretch muscles before workouts.
  • An FBF massage gun is a useful tool for improving blood circulation, which in turn increases white cell activity and immune system response.
  • FBF Massage guns are great for pain relief in localized muscles.
  • The massage gun provides pressure and releases the chemical responsible for keeping you asleep when needed: melatonin.
  • Using an FBF massage gun, the body releases chemicals responsible for happiness and general relaxation: dopamine and serotonin.
  • Using these massage guns, you can also improve your overall performance in sports, gym, and life.

Are The Fit Body Factory Massage Guns Worth It?

Despite the many benefits of owning and regularly using the Fit Body Factory Massage Guns, if you are still unconvinced whether they are worth the investment or not, here are some of its advantages as compared to other alternatives in the market:

1.    FBF Massage Guns Vs. Stretching:

Massage therapy and stretching are great ways to help your muscles release tension, but they each have their strengths. Stretching is better for increasing flexibility over the long haul. At the same time, percussive therapies focus more on relieving pressure in specific areas through the self-myofascial release of connective tissue with increased blood flow. It all depends on personal preference.

2.    FBF Massage Guns Vs. Foam Rollers:

The massage gun offers a deeper form of therapeutic relief than foam rolling due to its use in percussive therapy. The benefit is that it can be used for self-myofascial release after working on specific muscles.

Massage guns are a great option for people who want to bring their massage tools with them on the go. They’re smaller than foam rollers, so they won’t take up as much room in your bag or backpack when traveling, but on the other hand, you can even get some affordable foam rollers for under $10. It all depends on what works best based on our individual needs.

3.    FBF Massage Guns Vs. Massage Therapists:

The massage gun is a much more cost-effective and long-term treatment option than the standard therapist. It can provide instant relief for muscle pain or stress, which would be impossible with an appointment-based approach one has to take to visit a massage therapist, especially since they must book ahead of time. Not to mention that Massage therapists are twice as costly and are not a long-term treatment solution, so it is bound to be a constant hole in your pocket unless you find a good alternative.


If you are still on the fence about purchasing a Fit Body Factory massage gun, hopefully, this article has helped sway your opinion. Massage guns offer a variety of benefits that stretching and foam rolling cannot compete with. Not only are they more efficient and provide a deeper massage, but they are also affordable and easy to use.

If you have any residual concerns or queries, check our website for more information or contact us directly. We would happily aid in getting you set up with the perfect FBF massage guns online for your needs.

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