SEO can be a complex arena for any online business to dive into. You have to factor in the right keywords to target, the kind of technical adjustments you are going to make based on those keywords, your content strategy, and you can’t forget your backlink outreach. No wonder so many business owners wipe their hands of it altogether and just hope for the best when it comes to their Google rankings.

However, as Google continues to update their algorithm, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Shopify stores to generate traffic on their brand name alone. You need a powerful marketing strategy put together by seasoned experts. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a Shopify SEO consultant might be able to help you make the best decisions for your website so that you can begin to rank better in Google and compete for those lucrative page one positions.

Demystifying the SEO Process For Your Shopify Store
Search engine optimization was once a fairly simple process. You research the basic keywords you want to rank for and pepper them into your content and meta tags. Easy enough, right?

Those days are unfortunately long gone. The fact is, eCommerce SEO requires a full-fledged strategy that begins with in-depth industry research, competitor analysis, and a comprehensive website audit. Your Shopify store likely has many areas that need to be optimized in far more ways than just the addition of a few keywords.

Google wants to see that your store actually provides a beneficial experience for the user. This means that everything from site speed to the layout of your store are factored into your Google rankings. A professional Shopify SEO consultant will be able to help you uncover these issues and guide you toward the appropriate solutions. They can also work with you to put together a complete SEO strategy that will address every aspect of these optimizations at once.

Part of knowing how to make the right choices for your Shopify website is educating yourself on the SEO process and learning how it actually works, including what to expect when you begin a digital marketing campaign of this sort. A SEO expert will be able to help you understand how these campaigns work over the long haul, and why they require a comprehensive content strategy as well. These campaigns aren’t a “one and done” sort of deal, as they require months and months of continuous content and an adaptable strategy that changes with the demands of eCommerce, Google, user expectations, and your specific industry.

The Right eCommerce SEO Consultant Your Shopify Website
If you want to improve your Shopify store the right way, you need the assistance of eCommerce SEO experts that have been providing solutions for businesses just like yours for years. Not all agencies are equipped to handle the complexities of eCommerce SEO, so it’s essential that you do your research and jump on board with an agency that not only has the proper digital marketing background, but experience with Shopify as well.

The agency that you are looking for is 1Digital®. They are veteran Shopify SEO consultants and can help you identify areas of your marketing that need work. Their SEO team will be able to construct an SEO campaign for you that will address every area of your website. They will even create powerful content based on your industry keywords for the purpose of backlinks.

Understanding the direction you want to take with your marketing efforts will help you grow your business as efficiently as possible. With the help of a smart eCommerce marketing agency like 1Digital®, you will have the roadmap to success you’re looking for.

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