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I was in 9th grade and rode my bike to class. Suddenly, a sad song appeared in my shuffled playlist (in headphones), then I rushed off on a motorcycle, violated the traffic rules and eventually felt full of energy when I got to the coaching center.

It was a Tujhe Bhula Diya song (English cover of “Can’t Forget You” ) from the Anjaana Anjaani movie . It was the original version that runs even slower, not a remix.

I didn’t really think about it then. But after this experience, when I returned home and thought about it, I wanted to do it more. Since then, when I play sad songs, they make me happy, energized and filled, not the melancholic atmosphere that most people get from this kind of music.

It is the way I perceive these tamil mp3 songs that makes my life so much more enjoyable. The list below is comprehensive, but the tutorials are not!

Music is a way to tell a story that may or may not be fiction.

When you listen to a sad song, you might think that so many people think that their life is difficult and unfair. This is where the musician achieved his goal by evoking strong emotions in you.

If a song touches your heart and makes you think about your life, which rarely happens, this melody is hard to forget.

But once you stop paying attention to how closely they represent real life, you will realize that not everything is so bad.

Most of the songs are works of art, because let’s face it; real life is more of a struggle than a pleasure. So describing someone’s real life in music is much more difficult than explaining someone’s breakup in a romantic fiction film. ” Give Me Some Sunshine” from ” 3 Idiots” is one of the songs that also motivates me a lot.

You learn from mistakes.

When you are so absorbed in song, you say to yourself, ” This will never happen to me.” Rarely, but it is felt only when you listen to good headphones in silence.

Yes, some people can be so picky when it comes to music. These are the people who pay for music streaming services and never reveal their credentials for a simple reason: “The recommendations are up to the user. A self-aware person wants to shape their taste from their experiments and choices, not from someone else using their account and distorting the homepage feed. ” This is why some friends think I’m being rude when I don’t disclose my subscription credentials.

Has a calming effect on mood.

Before bed, I listen to slow songs to induce sleep. You won’t even understand how quickly you fell asleep if you turn on the music for a while at the beginning of the game!

Cold vibes in the morning.

Imagine a neighbor crowing a rooster in the morning when you are enjoying your sleep. I want the superpower to destroy such a distraction by simply cursing them. Instead of such sad songs, it is best to get out of bed soft instrumental music.

Even the default alarms in our phones are calming. Noisy ones are the ones we set so that our ears don’t burn in the morning when we throw ourselves out of bed, which is not the best way to wake up refreshed!

Final Words

I listen to a lot of EDM and these are dynamic and upbeat songs. But I often experiment with sad songs.

Another fun fact thing is i’m feeling curious trick you should try it.

Especially when I want to devote my time exclusively to music, I listen to slow songs in order to think a little and appreciate the journey that is life.

Imagine that they are not real, learn from the emotions that the artist expresses through the music, and you will feel that your life is not so unfair!

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