how Depop shipping workshow Depop shipping works


As a buyer or seller on Depop, it is important to note how Depop shipping works. Without being knowledgeable of the procedures, you will find it difficult to cope with the demands on Depop.

The processes involved in Depop shipping is quite simple and comprehensible. However, failure to understand the appropriate processes would result in delays or unsuccessful shipping. Nobody would love to remain ignorant of how Depop shipping works to sell items such as footwear and clothes on Depop.

Depop is home to over 8 million users and 140 employees with a common goal; serving people worldwide. To serve people worldwide with ease demands that users on Depop understand how to ship on Depop successfully.

Select Shipping Options

Regarding how Depop shipping works, understand that the first thing that matters is shipping options. So, the seller would have set the delivery option to domestic or international. Setting the shipping options to international is most preferred because it increases the reach and interest on your Depop item.

You can set up shipping options by heading to your account. Now, tap Delivery swipe Shipping. From there, choose between Domestic and International. Buyers and sellers would consent to the options before the deal takes place.

Set Shipping Cost

On Depop, every seller/buyer are responsible for the cost of shipping. So, sellers are at liberty to pick between free and paid shipping for the customers. Do note that setting shipping cost to “free” shifts freighting cost to the seller. This action can be regarded as discount sales on Depop to attract customers.

To enable free shipping, a seller will leave the price field empty. On the other hand, sellers can include estimated shipping costs if they do not wish to offer free shipping.

Packaging the Item

“Packaging” plays a huge role in business, and the same applies to ship on Depop. Concerning how to do your own shipping on Depop as a seller, you would want to finely package the item. Also, it does not matter whether the item to sell is replica item or an original.

Packaging aside, buyers on Depop prefer when their orders arrive exactly as it is online. For example, if a buyer finds a vintage top on the Depop store, he/she would expect nothing less than a vintage top. So, if the seller ships an item different from what the buyer needs, it makes packaging useless. Consider including some notes to entice buyers to return for new orders.

Drop Off at the Post Office

After packaging, a seller is expected to drop off the order at the post office. Regarding how to ship with PayPal on Depop, a seller would want to question the post office on certain things. For example, you would want to gather as much information regarding the delivery days and when a buyer should expect the order.

Also, do note that Depop allows buyers and sellers decide for their shipping speed. Currently, Depop supports the standard and the express shipping. The standard shipping requires the USPS which is the default shipping. The standard shipping takes between 4 and 12 days to ship and additional 3 to 10 days to deliver. In total, it might cost up to 22 days for Depop standard shipping to freight orders to buyers. On the opposite, the express shipping takes about 3 days and cost more than Depop standard shipping.

Informing the Buyer

Sellers should do well to keep buyers informed of every process. Beginning from the day a seller drops off the order at the post office, it is advisable to inform the buyer. If for no reason, it encourages buyers to exercise patience while their orders are on the way.

Ship Using Track Delivery

If a seller receives payment via PayPal, it is advisable to use tracked shipping services. Of course, PayPal is integrated in Depop for safe transactions. The reason you should use tracked shipping services is that tracked parcels are protected under PayPal’s Seller Protection policy.

Regarding how to ship with PayPal on Depop, both sellers and buyers would have to be patient. PayPal may take time to authenticate payments before the seller ships the item. Also, when a buyer deliberately cancels an order, it will take a bit more time to validate. Of course, the seller would have to make a report using the Depop Request Form.

Follow Up

Once an order is shipped, a seller should inform the buyer through direct messaging. The seller should further share the tracking ID with the buyer. A seller may share the tracking ID by going to your sales receipt and tapping Marked as shipped. Provide the tracking ID there for the buyer to follow up.

Keep Proof of Postage

On rare occasions, shipping items may not turn out as planned. As such, the seller in particular should keep a proof of tracked postage. Of course, a seller can only dispute and defend that an order was sent with a proof of tracked postage.

Regarding how to ship with PayPal on Depop, the proof of tracked postage must contain the following:

  • Tracking ID
  • Buyer’s address
  • Buyer’s postcode
  • Shipping date

Note: you can make things easier by keeping photos of the receipt.


Is It Cheap to Ship with Depop?

Yes, it is cheap to ship with Depop. Moreover, if a seller offers to handle the shipping fees, it becomes an added advantage to the buyer. Similarly, sellers may excuse from paying the shipping bills for buyers. Thus, making more profit from the transaction.

Does Depop Use USPS?

Yes, Depop uses USPS as default shipping options.

Is it Better to Ship with Depop or On Your Own?

It is better to ship with Depop for added security. When need arises, it will be easy for Depop to follow up and resolve the problem.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have learned everything about how Depop shipping works. You may refer to Depop’s US shipping guide or rest of the world for confirmation.

If buyers request a seller to send items to new addresses, sellers should ask buyers to cancel the current order. Then, the buyer may then reorder for the item using the new address.

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