How do I look at the condition of the car if I want to buy a used car?

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The most important thing when looking at a used car is the two beams and three pillars , that is, the two longitudinal beams and the ABC pillar. This is the most important place to see if it is a car in a major accident. I will come back one by one.

Front of the car body :

 Check whether the front headlights and hood of the car have been replaced. If there are, please be a little bit more alert. You may have had an accident. Look at whether the water tank frame screws and the inner lining of the fender have been replaced or sheet metal. If there is, there must have been an accident. (You can use this to lower the price) The last and most important thing is to see whether the stringer has been repaired by sheet metal (mainly whether it is flat), if the stringer has repair marks, it is best not to consider it.

The middle part of the car body : 

The rear part of the car body: first check whether the trunk has been disassembled. Then check whether sheet metal has been done inside from the place where the light bulb is changed, and finally check whether the sealant where the spare tire is placed has been refilled. After noting all these issues when you visit the site ( you feel that it’s a good plate form for buying and selling cars. Their dealer notes every issue like described below. Check out car cam placer x for buying from this platform at a reasonable price just in RM86,800 and in good conditions. 

Paint check of the used car

1 First, let’s see if the edges and corners of the car are straight enough. If the edges and corners of the car are curved or the plane of the car is uneven. It means that the car itself has putty. If it feels like a baby’s skin, it means that most of the car is original paint. If it feels more irritating to prove that the car is painted, many painted cars are not particularly evenly sprayed. And the spray will be accidentally sprayed on the plastic cover of the car, and the paint surface of the car body will appear gray after spraying. Ideas require careful observation by everyone.

Check glasses of the car

2.Look at the glass code. if all the glass code is same then we can say that they produced from original factory.

inspect inner side of the car

3. Open the hood and first look at the solder joints of the water tank, the water tank frame and the longitudinal beams of the fender. The original solder joints should be slightly concave and convex. If the solder joints are found to be concave and convex, there is a loss. Then circle or size is not welded at all. The arrangement is irregular, and the solder joints are rough and not smooth, which proves to be traces of re-welding.

observation of water tank frame of the car

4 Check the water tank frame and the screws of the water tank, whether there are any loose traces, whether the beam head has been dug, and the sheet metal spray paint,

small look on door after opening. 

5. Open the door and pull down the door’s original sealing strip. The door frame and door post should be straight. Pay special attention to the original solder joints between the A and BC post and the car body. They should be true round and slightly recessed. The door of the ancient country is open or closed. It’s very difficult, don’t care about it. And the sealing strip is damaged or loose, indicating that many places have been disassembled. The solder joints of ABC are rough and unevenly arranged. There is a color difference in the paint on the inner and outer sides of the ABC column. It can be judged that the vehicle has been impacted, and Injured the body ABC three pillars.

Check trunk of the car

6 Open the trunk, first look at the rubber thread screws on the next stage. Whether there are any traces of loosening, whether the rubber thread & screws of the fender have any traces of loosening, and see if the rubber thread on the rear side of the spare tire has not moved.We can not repair the original glue. Check for cracks and tears, and finally check whether the soundproof cotton is sticky afterward.

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