Inspection of used Moffett forklift for sale is essential in advance. You must add this vital task to your to-do list for the best possible purchase. Moffett machine parts play an important role in its functioning. Do not neglect it.

The following article will enlighten you with all the important information regarding Moffett forklift parts and how crucial they can be when operating.

How to certify the durability of used Moffett forklift for sale parts?

Used Moffett forklift for sale is not only prone to cosmetic damages but can have impaired parts as well. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep an eye out for it. And only purchase once you are satisfied. 

You should scrutinize the following Moffett forklift parts beforehand.

Seat belts

Whether it is your car or Moffett forklift, a seat belt is necessary while driving. However, you have to be extremely careful with forklifts because of heavy loads and stacked packages. You don’t want forklift operators to tip over and bump into something while driving. Keeping a seat belt intact will lessen the possibility of accidents and injuries.

Always look for seatbelts when buying used forklifts, don’t neglect them as most buyers do.

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 The most crucial Moffett forklift part is the forks. Without having it, your driver won’t be able to load or unload heavy packages. There are quite possibilities for used Moffett forklifts to have cosmetic damage and outdated ones. You can easily find a replacement of Moffett forklift parts to get a new one. 

Forklift forks vary in size and shape, be sure only to get the one that fits. You can buy straight and s-shaped forks at a cost-effective price. Before making the purchase calculate the cost of a used forklift and a new fork. If it is too expensive, buy a brand new forklift instead.


Frames installed in Moffett forklifts are a significant part of heavy loading. Before purchasing a used Moffett forklift for sale, keep an eye on its frame condition. No rust, dents, or other wreckage should be visible on it. 

A wrecked frame endangers not only your shipment packages but also the driver. You have to ensure that both are secured in the forklift.

Masts and rails

Masts and rails mounted on forklifts determine how high forks can reach. Do make sure it is working properly. Also, it is suggested to check the functionality of valves and bearings for a fully operational Moffett forklift.

Lift chains and cylinders

Lift cylinders are vital to raise and lower the forks. If you see any scratches or watermarks on painted areas, do not purchase it. It may fall apart and can cause injuries to drivers.

Brake system

A forklift’s brakes are as essential as any other vehicle. You can’t ignore its importance. To test the forklift’s brakes, you can easily lift packages and press them down. If it’s in perfect condition, you’ll be able to complete the task accurately. If not, you might need a good fix from a retailer of Moffett forklift parts.

How to maintain Moffett forklift parts?

Maintaining machinery like a Moffett forklift will always be prosperous for you. It brings diversity to any space, whether you use it at a warehouse, dockyard, or recycling facility. Its usages are endless. However, to ensure its maintenance, you have to follow some guidelines.

Some of the most significant are listed below.

Perform a visual inspection

A visually appealing Moffett forklift will always be captivating for any buyer. Take care of your forklift body to ensure it’s free from dents or cosmetic marks. Continuous long hours of usage and rough surfaces tend to make tires damaged. Consult a good inspection team about when you should get a new one. 

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Take a test drive

Taking a test drive of a forklift by yourself will help you learn about its condition. Take it out for a drive more often.

Keep maintenance records

Keeping a record log is beneficial to help decide its repair or replacement process.

For more information, consult FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below.

How often do forklift trucks need to be inspected?

Forklift inspection is important to avoid accidents and injuries which may occur over time—getting forklifts inspected daily or after each shift of more than 24 hours is recommended.

What is a seated inspection on a forklift?

It is essential to check the seating condition in the forklift before operating it. Do look for seat belt condition and fasten it first. You may also be interested in reviewing the warning light and fuel level.

What should I look for when inspecting a forklift?

It is important to consider the following factors when inspecting the forklift.

  • Cleanliness and overall appearance
  • Look for overheating issues
  • Intact fire extinguishers
  • Roadblocks or obstacles along the way (if any) for safety.


For a clear inspection of the used Moffett forklift for sale, you need to seek assistance from a renowned retailer. And what better way you can do so than by visiting Bobby Park Truck and Equipment. Their friendly and warm staff is always there for you. You can always rely on them for premium Moffett forklift parts replacement and buy a pre-owned forklift. It’s your call!

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