How does Giving Back to the Community help?


Not everybody talks about it generally. Almost all of us are so self-obsessed that we only see our struggles and neglect that there is still more than 70% of the whole world’s population is trying more than hard to get to eat 2 times a day. But talking brutally honest, we all acknowledge that there is that certain population living with us. It’s always better to give something back to the community in which you are living in. Sharing a bit from your profits will not cost you much but will definitely help someone in uprising their standards.

Below listed are some of the numerous benefits that philanthropy brings with itself.


There is a huge feeling of satisfaction that rushes through us when we give something to someone with no expectation of any returns. Also, we start feeling that how grateful are we when we meet and interact with the section of the community that can’t afford all the basic needs.

Encourages others:

If one person starts to actively participate in such acts of philanthropy, others follow the lead. A contribution from a single person or company could never satisfy the needs of a country which a population of over 1 billion. But when many contributions come together, a real impact could be made and a change could actually be seen.

Benefits nation:

When a company from any nation does a lot in philanthropy and doesn’t much talk about it, it also provides a lot of advantages and benefits to its nation. The foreign countries see that this particular nation has a lot to do and actually cares about that section of the community.

Palliates poverty:

This point is the most practical among all. When the culture of giving back to the community actually takes place, it strengthens the poor and actually contributes to reducing poverty and suffering which poor people go through. Volunteering for such causes gives an essence of humanity and appreciation that someone else also is benefitting from your profits.

Improves your persona:

When you get involved in activities like helping someone, providing someone a sustainable lifestyle, you automatically grow and become a better human being than yesterday. Continuous practice of these activities will improve your personality dramatically and will encourage you to contribute more.

The best way to becoming a good leader like Founder of Field Marsham Foundation, Charles Field Marsham and other global executives is when a team member requires advice or encouragement, offers it.

Adds purpose to life:

When we provide someone which they couldn’t afford and that too the basic needs, a sense of doing something good emerges within us and we find a purpose to live rather than just earning and saving for ourselves.

Provides knowledge:

Giving back to the community helps you gather knowledge which you had no idea that these things also existed. The things that you do to get to know more and more about this section along with all the research that you do. You also meet new people and other volunteers which eventually contributes to increasing your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, giving something back is always considered beneficial for both the parties.

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