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What is an EMR Software 

The term EMR software has been around for quite a while and of course, the software itself has been around for a long period of time as well now. EMR software are basically electronic and digitized ways for you to manage your medical practice. There are hundreds of EMR software options in the market right now but we want to tell you about EMR Software Epic which is a very popular option. 

In this piece, we will be telling you about the various features of EMR Software Epic and how they can potentially help you in taking care of your medical practice in a much better way. All in all, we will break down various features of this software and how they can help you. 

Features EMR Software Epic can Help you 


The scheduling feature in this EMR software is incredibly great because it helps you optimize your schedule in a way that you are able to see the maximum number of patients as you possibly can in a day. This helps you optimize your work so that you are gaining as much benefit as you possibly can. 

With EMR Software Epic you might be investing a handsome amount into getting the software but the increased amount of revenue it brings to your practice offsets this cost significantly. All in all, you are able to increase the amount of patients you have at your practice. 


If you ask any practitioner what their least favorite aspect of running a medical practice is more often than not they will tell you it is billing. However, with EMR Software Epic this worry is also mitigated because the software takes care of everything. 

With Epic EMR software you are able to do charge capture so that you do not accidentally charge the same patient multiple times. Other than that, the software sends you reminders for billing that need to be paid and deadlines regarding them. You can also consolidate patient payments through EMR Software Epic and then come up with a payment plan for the software so that you have an even higher chance of recovering payments and thus increasing revenue. 

Patient Portal

The patient portal feature in EMR Software Epic is also one that Epic EMR reviews talk about incredibly positively because of all the administrative duties it essentially takes off your shoulders. With Epic EMR’s patient portal, your patients can schedule their own appointments instead of you having to call them and do it. 

They can also keep track of upcoming appointments and get automatic reminders for them too. All of this leads to less administrative work for you and allows you to focus on what really matters; your work as a physician. 


The dashboard feature in EMR Software Epic is again one which a lot of users talk about positively in Epic EMR reviews. With this feature, you are able to navigate through the various features of this software very easily. This enables you to be able to  not waste any time when you are using the software. 


Having accurate templates in an EMR software helps you to cut down time it takes to make patient health records and also gives you more accurate data. With EMR Software Epic you get access to a lot of templates that you can then choose from. With this feature, you can look at which template might be appropriate for you for your area of specialization as well as which suits your current style so the adjustment is not huge. 

You can also make customizations in these templates so that you are able to adapt to the software and the template even better than you originally imagined! 

Which EMR Software we Recommend to you

While we cannot recommend a specific software to you unless we know about the various needs of your practice in particular we can surely equip you with the tools to come to a decision of your own. With EMR Software Epic you should make sure the features match what you ideally want as features in your EMR software. 

Other than that, we advise that you ask the vendor for an Epic EMR demo to see firsthand what the software is like before you commit to it. This helps you in seeing the software in action rather than just reading about it. 
All in all, whatever decision you make in regards to EMR Software Epic will be the right one for you!

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