Dogs are a common pet and pet for almost any family. So a clean dog is very essential. And we see that the habit of bathing your dog is an important thing.

In the process of caring for a dog, proper and proper bathing is essential. Bathing your dog helps keep the dog clean, beautiful, and healthier. In this article we would like to introduce you to some basic notes about dog bathing.

When is the best time to bathe the dog?

After the puppies are born about 2 weeks old, you will be able to bathe your dog. At the same time, as soon as the dog is vaccinated, about 2 weeks, we should bathe the dog. This keeps the dog clean at all times. At the same time helping our pets avoid diseases from the surrounding environment.

If the dog is kept indoors, always in contact with the owner, we should bathe the dog regularly. Usually, on average, we should bathe our dog every 7 to 10 days. It helps to antibacterial dogs. And also helps dogs stay clean, not infectious to humans. If the dog is kept outdoors, we should bathe it often as well. We should bathe the dog 3 to 5 times a month.

Bathing your dog regularly can help eliminate bad odors. Because dog skin is not as dry as our human skin. So we shouldn’t bathe our dogs every day. On average, we bathe our dogs every 2.3 days. And sometimes bathing your dog too much is also harmful. Your dog may experience dermatitis or hair loss due to poor baths. It will also reduce the amount of natural oils on your dog’s skin. So we should allocate the appropriate time to bathe the dog.

How to bathe dogs in the right way?

Veterinary experts have affirmed that before bathing a dog, we should let the dog work. We should give. the dog can walk or go to the toilet so that the dog is comfortable. After that, we bathe the dog so that it is always clean and fragrant.

We need to choose the best shower gel for dogs. Some popular brands of dog shower gel: Fay, SOS, Hantox, Trixie, Joyce & Dolls, Fay Medicare, … You should find out which shower gel your dog is suitable for and then use. And if your dog has skin problems, you should consult your doctor to use the right shower gel.

How to bathe your dog

To bathe your dog, you should first put it in a tub of warm water. Standard water ranges from 36 degrees to 38 degrees. Don’t let the water get too hot or too cold. This will make it difficult to bathe your dog and not be good for your dog. First, you should clean the dirt around the dog’s anus. Then we proceed to bathe the dog.

We dilute the shower gel and use a sponge bath for the dog to foam. Then we bathe the dog starting from the head to the back of the body. We should gently bathe the dog, both bathe and massage the dog. That helps them feel more comfortable after bathing. Then we use clean water to wash the shower gel on the dog. One little note when bathing your dog is to avoid getting water or shower gel in their eyes, nose or mouth. It can harm your dog.

Some things to pay attention to when you bathe a dog.

Bathing your dog is essential. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your pet healthy.

Do not bathe your dog when he is sick or has a newborn

When my dog ​​is sick, we absolutely should not bathe it. Because maybe after we bathe the dog, the dog can get worse than before. The bacteria can enter their body, making the dog’s illness worse.

When a dog is born, you should limit bathing your dog. At this time the puppy’s body is very weak, the antibodies are low. In particular, the functions of the body are very poor. If we rush to bathe the dog it will make the puppies sick. Or if the puppy is sick and we bathe it, the body cannot cope, the disease will get worse.

Clean your dog when he is sick

For healthy dogs, it is advisable to choose a time from noon to before evening. This is a good time for when you bathe your dog, his coat will dry completely.

If the newborn puppies are sick or you find their hair is dirty. We should use a comb to gently brush them. Or your dog can blot his fur with a damp cloth to remove dirt. It will help keep your dog clean and healthy and get better faster.

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Dogs have been bathed and still have a foul?

Dog hygiene is not clean.
A lot of people do not bathe their dog because they are afraid their dog will be cold or the dog bath is not clean. So the dirt will stick to the hairs or crevices on the dog’s body. Especially the two areas of the dog’s ear and the dog’s teeth. This is why your dog will smell bad even if you bathe it.

Clean the dog’s ears
You should regularly clean the dog’s ear area. To do this, we need to pluck and trim the hair from the ear area. Then use cotton soaked in salt water and wipe the ear area of ​​the dog away.
During the process of cleaning the dog’s ears should not put anything in the ear canal. Because it can cause a dog ear infection. You should also not clean yourself too much because it can irritate the dog’s skin.

Clean your dog’s teeth
Dirty dog ​​teeth can cause bad breath in dogs. So in order to improve the dog’s odor, we should brush their teeth regularly. When bathing your dog, you should also brush your dog’s teeth.

One should find the right toothbrush and toothpaste for our dog. Then gently brush their teeth so that they can remove the yellow stains and food from their teeth. It’s important to reward your dog after brushing his teeth. It will make our dog more patient with brushing.

Do not spray perfume on dogs
Many notes that when they finish bathing and still see a bad smell, the owner often sprays perfume on them. That shouldn’t be done. Fragrances only stop dogs from stinking temporarily, not all their odors.

Many fragrances also irritate dog’s skin, making dogs even worse. Instead, we should regularly clean the sleeping area for dogs to prevent them from bad odors. Or use natural scents to get rid of dog odors.

Frequently wringing the sweat glands for dogs
After a dog baths and still smells bad, the main cause is the dog’s sweat glands. Your dog’s sweat glands are located directly in the dog’s anal opening, anal sac or anal glands. So it is easy to squeeze this sweat gland out for dogs. It will clear the dog’s odors and release foul liquid.

Note that when we squeeze or squeeze the sweat glands in dogs, we should have a dog keeper. This prevents the dog from panicking when we squeeze. After we squeeze, we will be assured that the dog will not smell. We should wring the sweat glands out of dogs regularly. Before bathing the dog, we should squeeze the dog’s sweat glands so that it will not smell any more. We should do this at least 2 to 3 times a month.

Dog bathing service

A lot of dog owners are afraid to bathe their dogs or cannot bathe their dogs, so take them to pet care centers. There, they have all the supplies they need to keep your dog safe. And they will help you bathe your dog in a clean way and prevent diseases. They will take care of your dog to stay healthy and beautiful.

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