Do you have plans to work in Singapore? If so, you should be aware of their employment visa passes. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower issues different kinds of work permits. This depends on the type of jobs the foreign employee will have in Singapore. However, if you are a professional under the high-skilled category, you need to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa.

The employment pass or E Pass is a work pass that has many benefits. It allows you to travel in and out of the country without the need for an entry pass. Furthermore, you can also bring in your family members to Singapore through the Dependent’s Pass or Long Term Visit Pass. If you plan to become a Singaporean citizen, it is usually the first step that you need to take. If you are interested in applying for this employment visa, here is how the process is done.

Get a job offer in Singapore

The first step in the employment pass Singapore application process is getting a job offer in Singapore. You cannot apply for an E Pass if you don’t have a job offer. That is because you will need a Singaporean employer’s help to get an E Pass. Furthermore, the job post should be posted in the JobsBank portal for at least two weeks prior to the employment visa application. This portal is directly managed by the Ministry of Manpower. Once you find a job, you need to pass the interview and other hiring procedures.

Apply for the employment pass Singapore visa

After getting a job offer, the next step is to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa. As mentioned, the employer is the one who should apply for the work pass on your behalf. They can do this by logging in through the myMOM portal. Before they begin the application procedure, you need to submit to your employer the necessary documents. Usually, the employer will ask you for these documents upon acceptance of the job offer.

Furthermore, you need to give written consent to your employer. This written consent is proof that you are allowing your employer to apply for the employment visa on your behalf. After filling out the application and submitting the required documents, the employer will pay for the pass fee. Then, you will wait around eight weeks for the approval of the application.

Go to Singapore

Once the employment pass Singapore application has been approved, you will receive the In-Principle Approval document. The IPA contains a one-way entry pass to Singapore that will expire after six months. Therefore, you need to travel to Singapore before the six months end. Furthermore, the IPA will indicate whether a medical examination is needed. The examination should immediately take place once you arrive in Singapore. Once in Singapore, only then you can continue the employment visa application process.

Request for the employment pass Singapore card

Once you have settled in Singapore, you and your employer must now request for the employment pass Singapore card to be issued. This can also be done through the myMOM portal. This time you will need to provide your current Singapore address. It can be your work or home address depending on which is more convenient for you. Aside from that, you need to nominate at least three authorized recipients of your employment visa. 

Next, you need to print the notification letter. The notification letter will serve as a temporary employment visa as you wait for your E Pass. It enables you to work in Singapore and travel in and out of the country. It is valid for only a month and can be applied for an extension should there will be problems with employment pass Singapore application. This letter will also indicate whether you need to register your photo and fingerprints.

Receive the E Pass employment visa

All that is left now is to wait for the employment pass Singapore card to be delivered. It will take 4 working days for it to be delivered after document verification or registration of photo and fingerprints. You and all your authorized recipients will get an SMS or email one working day before the card is delivered. There will be two delivery attempts. If both attempts are failed deliveries, you or the authorized recipient must come to the Employment Pass Services Centre to claim the E Pass employment visa card. Upon claiming the E Pass card, you need to present the necessary documents.

Learning the process of the employment pass Singapore application is necessary for every foreigner looking to work in Singapore. However, you don’t need to apply for an employment visa on your own. To be precise, you can hire an employment pass service company to help you with your application.

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