Launching a new website and getting traffic to it are two different things. Still, we see website and business owners asking how long it will it take our website to get organic traffic from Google. There is no definite answer to this however there are several ways to consider not only how to attract the organic traffic but also being a success. Generally speaking, most of the websites experience some traffic from the Google shortly after the website is launched, usually in few days, a week or at least a couple of weeks. Always keep in mind that you will not embrace success in the beginning of your SEO journey but with continuous improvement you will get the increased number of visitors to your website.

Factors effecting traffic levels of new websites: There are a number of factors affecting the traffic a site gets from Google immediately once it is launched. These factors are as follows:

Optimization level: If organic traffic is significant your site, then you need SEO for your target market wherever it is. Hence you are expected to optimize your website from the very beginning.

Competition: If you belong to a business industry or niche having heads on competition, you will find it harder to rank higher in the search engine results. Competition is indeed a major factor when a new website is launched. This because Google will not display your newly launched website over other sites which it already knows very well. You will be getting traffic as Google algorithms will learn more and more about your site.

Marketing And Link Building:

Your ability to market your brand and build links in the early days and weeks impacts the organic traffic that your website will get. It is significant to understand that Google does not operate in a vacuum. It makes use of variety of sources to build a comprehensive picture of your website. This includes mentioning your website in press releases, news, activities on social media and much more. Hence activities like link building and marketing can help you in getting organic traffic.

To conclude the above discussion, it is stated that you must not expect huge traffic arriving to your website overnight. It is more of a gradual process. A realistic approach is to get traffic increased on monthly basis developing an upward trend. Once again the rate of upward trend will directly depend on the level of SEO activities you implement.

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