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Have you ever wondered why your room lacks something or seems unfinished? The answer may lie in the window treatment. Giving the right treatment to your window will make your room looks finished and aesthetically appealing. And when you choose window curtains, then choosing the right length curtain, the type of curtain rod is critically important. It largely impacts the overall appearance of your room. Is there any right length for the window curtain? Should it be long or short? Basically, it is completely up to you. In this guide, we will take a look at the different lengths for the custom window curtains in Pacific Palisades.

  • Basic curtain lengths- To the floor- It is the most common length option that either hits the floor or hovers a half-inch off to the floor. This curtain length gives your window a more polished and a bit formal look.
  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains– Hanging curtains from the ceiling make your space looks taller. Simply, when you hang a curtain closer to the ceiling, your eye travels in a line, making you feel that there is a good height in your space. If you already live in a high ceiling room, adding the floor-to-ceiling curtain will compliment your ceiling.
  • Short curtains– This is the most appealing way to hang the curtain. If you have kids and pets at home, then a short curtain is great to have. You need to work with the window treatment professionals to learn how shorter the curtain should be according to your space.

Where should you mount your curtain in relation to the window?

In general, hanging the curtains on the wall above looks great. If you have a detailed window frame, then mount the curtain within the frame, so it does not obstruct the view of window frame.

If you want to create an illusion of a taller window, mount the curtain rod four to six inches above the window frame. Be sure you wisely choose the length of the fabric to ensure the curtains are hanged above the window frame perfectly.

Following are the types of curtain rods;

The curtain rod must complement the curtain and relate to the style of your room. Few options must consider while selecting the window curtains for your room.

  • Classic rod– This adjustable rod features ornamental end caps attached to the wall with brackets. Ensure you match the rod with the other finishes. However, if you want to layer with the sheer, you can buy a double curtain rod.
  • Return rod– This is an adjustable U-shaped rod that directly screws into the wall. Then you need to wrap the panels around the curved sides. This makes it an ideal solution to block out light.
  • Track rod- This can be installed on the ceiling and wall. Curtain hooks are attached to the pulleys inside the track. Some track rods feature a rod with finials that conceal the moving parts inside the pole. This way, the curtain effortlessly glides.
  • Tension rod– This is the sturdiest option that adjusts to fit inside the window frame, not requiring any hardware. The tension rod is designed for lightweight curtains. The best thing is they are the most affordable curtain rods that perfect if you live in a rental apartment.

Where to begin?

You can achieve what exactly you wish by choosing the custom curtains window treatments in Pacific Palisades. The custom curtain options give you unlimited customization options. Finding the window treatment expert should very next step when deciding to go with the custom curtain option.

The window treatment experts will assist you in everything, whether choosing the curtain length, width, color, and fabric. When you approach the window treatment experts to have custom window curtains, they visit your place to inspect your room where the curtains are likely to install. Meanwhile, they carefully notice the room d├ęcor and note down your specific requirements. Based on their observations, they give you some great ideas to have the right window curtains that add aesthetic to your space without losing the primary functionality.  In fact, they will assist you in other window treatment options, including custom window shades in Pacific Palisades.

Hence, prepare a list of questions you want to ask the window treatment experts to achieve the right fit window curtain or any other window curtains you want.

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