Puppies as many days as they feed. If you want to know the answer please refer to our article for the most detailed and accurate information.

When born, puppies often depend heavily on breast milk and that is an indispensable source of nutrients for the puppies in the development process. Not only helps the baby absorb nutrients well, but also contains many antibiotics to support the baby’s immune system. However, at some point this nutrient will be depleted and the puppy will begin to get used to the weaning food. So how many days to give to the baby, then to solids and start weaning. Join us to find out in the article below.

The best time to wean your puppy

In some studies, if dogs wean too early, they will affect their behavior and developmental delay much more than puppies that are given breast milk until certain stages.

Some symptoms of the puppy’s behavior disorder such as growling, barking, destructive, aggressive, biting people, … In some cases, some additional symptoms such as fear when arriving. crowded, sensitive to sound.

Therefore, it can be seen that the time of weaning has a huge impact on the development of your baby. Therefore, you need to grasp the best weaning time for babies.

According to experts’ research, the most appropriate time to wean is from week 3 to week 4. That is, after a period of 24 days, the puppy will begin to get used to weaning food.

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Instructions on how to wean to weaning puppies

One of the best ways to wean puppies is to use liquid food like porridge or milk. You put in the blender 2 cups of dry food mixed with 400ml of milk then put in a blender this mixture.

After preparing this portion, feed the puppy about 6-8 meals. When your dog is just beginning to learn to eat, use a medium shallow dish and then gently push his chin against the plate. Your puppy should begin to smell and be able to lick from the food you have prepared earlier.

After your puppy is used to weaning, continue to increase the amount of food each week. Note should increase the amount of dry food and reduce water and should use more milk to stimulate the dog to eat faster.

Besides, to make the puppy’s digestion easier, you can mix dry food then soak with soft water. However, this method should only be used for puppies that are not used to eating.

This article we have answered to help customers the question of how many days the puppy will feed. Refer to our article on how to choose the best time to feed your puppy.

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