How Many Major Clothing Brands Are In Pakistan?


Pakistan is a country rich in traditions and fashion. Many people believe that there is no such thing as modernism in the Pakistani fashion industry but things have changed dramatically in this country. The Pakistani fashion industry has revolutionized in a great manner and now you see some classy clothing, western clothing and a mix of traditional and modern clothing in the Pakistani fashion industry. Let alone the famous celebrities, common people now wear trendy designers to stay up to date. With this revolution, there is a massive increase in clothing brands in Pakistan. Explore the market and see how many there are. This is a detailed guide to Pakistani clothes and clothing brands. We let you know what the major clothing brands are before suggesting you the best among them!

Pakistani Clothes Are Available Worldwide

Pakistani clothes have become quite popular all over the world. With Pakistanis being in every part of the world, the Pakistani clothing has impressed everyone. Those who attend Pakistani weddings for the first time are amazed to see the fantastic outfits worn by men and women. That is why they look for wearing them. This is perhaps why Pakistani clothing brands have started to ship worldwide. So, if you are in any part of the world, you can get Pakistani clothes at your doorstep.

A Large Number of Clothing Brands in Pakistan

When it comes to Pakistani clothing brands, they are in large numbers. In the recent past, the numbers have dramatically enhanced. There are different clothing brands for men, women and kids. Also, it is difficult to enlist the best ones, since most of them provide quality Pakistani clothing.

The Major Pakistani Clothing Brands

Well, it is hard to enlist some top Pakistani clothing brands, we dare to do so. We let you know what the major brands are and why they are the most popular ones. The major Pakistani clothing brands include:

  • Alkaram Studio.
  • Khaadi.
  • Bareeze
  • HSY Studio.
  • Chenone.
  • Gul Ahmed.
  • Junaid Jamshed.
  • Nishat Linen

All these brands are exceptional and provide a fantastic range of Pakistani clothes. We have enlisted them according to their quality of clothes, variety of clothing and popularity among people. So, these were our top picks! What’s your favorite among them?

Filhaal UK – The Most Popular Pakistani Clothing Brand

If you are looking for the best Pakistani clothing brand that can provide Pakistani clothes to your doorstep anywhere in the world, Filhaal UK has to be your choice. Being the most popular brand in the UK, they offer a large variety of Pakistani clothing for women, kids and girls.

Why is Filhaal UK the Best Pakistani Clothing Brand?

What makes Filhaal UK a top Pakistani clothing brand is their variety of clothing. You can buy their clothes online from an amazing variety. They stock all designer dresses, bridal dresses, seasonal dresses for everyone. Also, they ship to your doorstep in the UK. So, among the major Pakistani clothing brands, the best choice is Filhaal UK.

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