How Much Does A Skipping Rope Cost?


A skipping rope isn’t just something you throw into the middle of your gym bag every morning and then forget about until you need it that night at practice. A skipping rope can be an essential part of your workout, depending on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and how much time you have to accomplish everything you need before leaving the house in the morning. Knowing how much a skipping rope costs can help you ensure your workout gets done before your day gets away from you.

The cost of a skipping rope

You can buy the best skipping ropes for boxing from Sporteq. The average price for a skipping rope ranges from $10-$50, depending on the length and thickness of the rope. They typically range from 12-18 feet in length, with thicker ropes costing more than thinner ones. The most expensive ropes are usually made of natural materials like leather or hemp, while synthetic fibers like nylon are the cheapest.

The benefits of skipping rope

Skipping is a great exercise that can strengthen your heart and lungs, tone muscles, and improve coordination. Plus, it’s really fun! Skipping rope is also great for kids because it helps them develop balance and coordination. If you’re looking for a way to get active and have fun with your child or student, skip away. 

Why is skipping rope good for boxing?

It’s hard to find exercises that give you the same benefits as a punching bag and heavy bag but are also easy on your joints. Skipping is one of those exercises that can give you that kind of resistance, plus it’s low-impact so that it won’t put too much strain on your wrists and ankles. Skipping can be an excellent way to practice footwork if you’re trying to learn how to box since the bouncing motion forces you to move quickly from side to side with each jump.

The different types of skipping ropes

A skipping rope is a long piece of cotton or synthetic material used to jump over. It was initially used to train British sailors in jumping and keeping rhythm, hence the Skipping Rope. Skipping ropes come in different types, but the most common type is cotton or synthetic.

Synthetic materials are sometimes preferred because they don’t catch on fire as quickly and can be easier to clean. They also last longer than cotton ropes do. Some ropes, such as burpees, are specially designed for specific fitness activities which require more durable materials. At Sporteq, the best skipping ropes for boxing are available in both plastic and metal varieties with either steel or nylon cords.

How to choose the right skipping rope

Choosing the right skipping rope can be difficult. Here are some questions to help you decide which one is best for you:

  • What kind of skipping do you plan on doing (solo, two-person, three or more person)?
  • Do you want it to be the adjustable or fixed length?
  • Do you want metal handles or plastic handles?
  • Do you want to get an extra long cord so the loops will be farther apart for large and small jumps for children?

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