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React Native is among the popular cross-platforms used by the developers very frequently. It enables us to develop such an application which is compatible and can easily run-on Android, iOS and other operating systems. Many of the technical giants like Facebook, Uber Eats, Instagram, Tesla or Skype used React Native platform to build their respective applications. It uses JavaScript programming language for App Development, which is a very common and dynamic language and is also easy to learn and implement.  Many companies Hire React Native Developers India in order to develop their app as per their requirement.

Many people among the industrialists prefer to build the application on React Native due to certain advantages they get in this over other platform. As the same code can be used to run the application on different operating systems, then, there is direct saving of the time, energy, resources as well as the cost.

React Native is a perfect blend of conventional and modern techniques of developing the application. It uses few of the traditional methods which gels up easily with modern methods which results in the best outcome in the form of hybrid mobile apps. React Native App Development Company India gives the best output in the form of building the cross-platform app such as Facebook.     

Advantages of using React Native:

The React Native has several advantages over other which has been stated as below:

1)It is cross platform and shares the code

-The same code used for developing apps on Android, can be used for iOS as well. Thus, the same code for different platforms saves a lot of time and energy of the developers. Hence, the developers would like to have a certain set of skills in order to develop apps on the platform.

2)Faster to get time

-Here again the concept of sharing the same code helps in getting the work done on time or can be said quite faster than the given time.

3)Require lesser manpower

As the same coding is used for developing the cross platform, then there are lesser chances of complexity, thus, a smaller team is required to develop the application.

4)The user interface is quite simple

When the developer is working on the React Native framework then he gets an option of experiencing some of the great pieces of the user interfaces. Being an open-source platform, anybody can use the given one and also one can upload their work over here.

The elements contributing the cost React Native development:       

There are several factors which decide the costing part of the application at its different stages. Some of the major factors which determines the costing value of the React Native are given below in details:

1)Complexity of the Apps

The apps are usually built in three levels which are low, medium, and high complexity which depends on the configuration and functions added in the admin panel, BaaS, Custom. The modern-day devices come up with many more services of Bluetooth, GPS, Barometers etc. and this becomes a challenge that the app developed should be compatible with all of these which ultimately makes it complex as well as costly.

2)Distribution cost of the Application

All the developed apps are deployed in the device through the respective distribution channels which have their own set of pricing models. The high grade and commercial stores like Google Play store or Apple store usually charges minimum $100 per developer license.

Before deployment, the application also needs to have approval or permission from the host to ensure that it compiles by all the securities and policies as per the standard.

3)The custom add-ons

If the application being developed is going to be customer centric and needs to be integrated with the social media platforms, then they need to have social-add on features which is definitely going to cost some amount. The in-app purchases are considered to be an extra add-on.

4)User Authorization

There are certain applications which do not require any login details or sign-up information, the cost of such apps are comparatively lower than the apps which have some user credentials. Thus, if one is designing an app which does not require any kind of authorization, then it will be definitely cheaper.

Both the parties, the enterprise development team and the app development team need to put in their efforts in order to ensure that the apps are developed and deployed successfully.

5)Category of App

There are certain factors which determine the category of the applications like security considerations, set of functionalities, number of real time users etc. The more one goes into these intricacies the costlier will be the application. For example, any simple app like developing a calculator will be much cheaper than building any kind of food delivery app like Zomato.

6)Design of the App

The more the user is happy with the browsing experience of your app, the more they will be using your app. Thus, it is very important to design the app in such a way that one can easily switch the pages of the app, easiness of placing the order by making the secured payment App Development, well-managed and timely animations, efficient flow of information as required by the user and similar other factors determines the delightful navigation experience of the application by the end-users.

Here, in Reactive Framework, the developer needs to design a common design for both Android and iOS, which ultimately reduces the cost by half.

7)Maintenance and Support

The role of developing the app does not end up by simply deploying it. In fact, the more you want to be in the eyes of the consumers, the more one needs to focus upon the post service maintenance etc. E.g.- once the app is developed   and launched, then there should be regular updates of the app which keeps them upgrading. Also, in case of any error, the maintenance and support team can help fix the bugs. So, this adds on extra cost.

One can hire the developers for this service on retainer basis model for a few months until the things are placed well and this will also be more economical.

8)Size of the Development Team

The number of members involved in developing an app is directly proportional to the cost incurred in developing the app. When one decides to go with the React Native applications then they have three ways to look upon- Hire the freelancers or hire a mid-cap company (it can be considered as an economical option) or hire a high cap company (the base price here would be on the higher side).


Above highlighted are the factors which are the regular components of developing any app and will be charged accordingly. But in case one is looking for advanced UI/UX and some other features, the cost will increase accordingly. Also, the cost of developing an app is directly proportional to the team size and development time.

Depending on how small, medium, or big is the size of the app, the number of hours also vary accordingly. And so, the cost of the project varies as per the user’s requirement.

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