Years of experience have taught me that the length of a composite deck is an important factor in determining how to distribute and design a deck, and often people can decide which composite deck provider to choose.

We only specialize in 3.6m decking lengths as many alternative suppliers prefer longer boards, which in some cases can have a composite deck length of up to 6m. Why did you choose this short product? We believe this length offsets both the aesthetics of longer planks and the higher performance of shorter length flooring products. 3.6m is where we landed on a perfect length board. The reason is explained below…

Why did you choose a composite floor with a length of 3.6m?

#1 – It looks great when worn.

The benefits of choosing long curtains often depend on their aesthetics. Shorter floor boards can often cause more dents in the floor surface. This is less desirable than seeing long runs with less depression of the floor surface. We found the 3.6m length to be long enough to look like a professional finish when installed.

#2: 3.6 m in length to reduce the effect of stretching

All composite decking expands and contracts at different temperatures. This is an important feature of all wood and plastic flooring products. Some vendors offer longer boards (over 4m), but of course the longer the patio boards, the more material you will need and the greater the expansion. Therefore, the 3.6 m long synthetic decking minimizes the problems of excessive expansion and contraction.

#3 – Easier Setup

We pride ourselves on designing products that not only look great, but are also easy to install. Common sense says that the longer the board, the more difficult it will be to install. Longer boards are not only heavier; they are also longer and therefore more difficult to repair.

Terrace design with 3.6m mixed flooring

When designing floors with Unifloorwpc Composite Deck Planks, there are several different floor designs that can be incorporated into your designs to enhance the overall look while maximizing the length of your composite deck and avoiding waste.

When the composite floorboard is unfolded, it transitions seamlessly from one board to the next. Not only will this leave an even seam line on your deck, but it will also work with Unifloorwpc m3.6 Composite Floorboards.

Checkered synthetic edging is a great choice for flooring models as you can add extra length as edging around your planks without sacrificing the 12′ planks we offer.

Another interesting option is a herringbone pattern on the corners. This is a bit more difficult to install, but it will make your composite deck absolutely beautiful.

Are you planning a composite deck project? Request some pallet samples to see for yourself our pallet assortment, take a look at our handy pallet calculator and plan how many pallets you need for your project.

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