How Packaging Can Convince Customers


The packaging is the first thing a customer notices when shopping for a product. Interaction between customer and product starts in the first gaze of the customer on the product’s packaging. That is why the role packaging plays in product selling is of the primary importance. This is a very common flaw people even don’t bother to identify and then get fail in their ultimate business ambitions. A good friend of mine in the US is running a bakery business there has realized this thing very late but it came right. He learned it when he tried CPP Boxes and tested it his own. The business he runs is now many times bigger than before. In this blog, I just want to educate you about how the customer gets convinced to buy a product by its packaging. It is a very interesting and learning topic so stay with me.

Elements in Packaging that Can Convince Customers to Buy a Product:

Out of 7 in every 10 people agrees that they get influenced by the packaging and buy the product that way mostly.  I’m listing below the elements in packaging that attract the customers and convince them to buy the product.

Product Protection:

Other than convincing, your commitment to the customers is safe and undamaged product delivery. So packaging also protects your product. I remember I ordered the Custom Cardboard Boxes back in January from the same company and when I delivered the order on different states of the United States of America, those orders reached safely and the clients were so happy for the safe delivery. Now the thing is when you pack your product, you will see the right packaging for your product which conveys many purposes and to protect your product.

Packaging Can Make You Stand Out:

The projection of your product is important. Remember there must be hundreds of brands for the same product already in competition in the market, if you are the newbie and want to place your product in front lines, you should be playing smartly. You should be sensible and reasonable at the same time also. Focus on Product packaging design and be different, be unique. For example, you could have seen many unique packings for the eggs in the market. The packaging mostly followed the pattern of the product so that the eggs could fix in the packing and can be delivered to the customer safely. This way the product stands out differently and people can differentiate the unique packaging from the traditional ones.

Color & Design:

The color theme of your product Brand and of course, the design of the packaging greatly matters to attract your customer. If I ask you about the color theme of Coke, an international beverage brand, you will take no time to answer me with the right answer I’m sure. That means the color scheme of that brand has become the identity of the product. Everyone knows about the shape of the bottle and even the taste the Coke company offers in their drink. That makes Coke, different from others. So here the color theme has been addressed. The second very important thing to address is the shape, style, or design of the product. You should keep the design of the packaging very smart, attractive, and different from others. The same packaging with some variation in colors and logo style and graphics won’t change anything. You have to be uniquely different and sensible, but don’t be reluctant to take initiative with something new. In the market, smart and quick moves are always appreciable.

Customer Priming:

This element is also of great importance. It will have to be your priority. You can get the attention of the customer by smart packaging, good color theme, designs, and the punch lines which would be the tag lines of your brand or product. These things should be relatable to your target customer. First research about your product and its customer, if your product is for kids, elements would include in your branding would be for kids, if the product is for females, pink color with some elements related to women would be added in the logo and design of the packaging. This is a way to address the relevant or general customer to the product so he/she can relate. The Human factor can be added to the product by making human faces or expressions on the product packaging.

Providing Information Interacts:

Providing information in your packaging also interacts with your customers. Not at the first glance, but they see the product details, for example, the ingredients, usage, features, and benefits of the product would inspire the customers to make them the part of their grocery or shopping bags.

Don’t miss these very key points, you can grab your customer’s attention by using all the elements discussed. Further, you should search for the other elements too, to improve the packaging of your product that can inspire the customer in a better way.

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